Floral Arrangement to Creepy Cool Halloween Centerpiece

Step by Step Halloween Decoration

Your planning that perfect Halloween party and want to be unique and different . As well, as cheap don’t you? If you like me, and I know there are a few you, you hate to toss out a perfectly good item. So, you stick in a closet or shove it on a shelve hoping it will have a new purpose someday. Halloween is the perfect holiday to re purpose many household objects at little cost.

Look no further that than that old floral arrangement which has been collecting dust . Bring it back to life by recycling it into a macabre masterpiece. My theme was a haunted mansion so, I chose to have everything in black, black , and more black!! Here, I will give you step by step instructions on how to revamp those boring blossoms.

Items needed:

  1. Floral arrangement

2.Two cans of flat black spray paint or enough to cover arrangement

  1. A spray can handle that attaches to spray can – optional (to avoid numbness of index finger)
  2. One pre made glittered skull or enough to balance out
  3. Half a dozen assorted black spiders in different sizes
  4. A mirror large enough to place arrangement on
  5. Two small tea light candles in any themed candle holder (I choose spider holders)

Step by step instructions:

  1. Dust off floral arrangement so paint will adhere to.
  2. After attaching handle to can start by spraying from the bottom up. Be sure and cover underneath all petals and leaves. After drying touch up where needed to insure complete coverage.
  3. Place skulls to you liking on arrangement. no glue necessary.
  4. Arrange spiders all over piece. I hooked their legs onto the leaves and petals. No glue was needed. Glue if you feel it is necessary.
  5. You did it!! Finish it off by placing your creepy centerpiece on mirror and lighting your candles!!

Happy Haunts!!



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