Frankenstein Halloween Placemat Craft for Kids

Kids love Frankenstein and Halloween crafts, which is how this simple Frankenstein Halloween placemat craft came about. You can of course use a variety of materials in this simple Halloween craft. This is a great time ot recycle old materials left over from other crafts!

To Make a Franchising Halloween Placemat You Will Need:

1 sheet of water color paper (14X18 is great!)

Green water color paint or acrylic paint

Paint pens, markers, and crayons

Paint brushes

Masking tape


To get started you want to take yoru sheet fo water color paper and tape it down to a work surface. Tape all four sides. You want the tape to overlap about ¼ inch onto the paper. The rest of the tape should be on the table.

This will create white border on the Frankenstein placemat when you remove the tape.

Now, paint on a layer of green water color paint. The tape will hold the paper flat while it is wet. You can also cut out two circles of the tape and tape them on where you want the eyes.

Press the eyes down hard so the watercolor will not be able to sink into that area on the water color paint.

Let the layer of green water color paint dry.

Remove the tape that you laid down for the eyes.

Now, break out the black water color paint. By the way, if you only have acrylic paints, you can add water to it to make mock water color paints.

Let the kids start painting any details they wan ton the Frankenstein Halloween placemat. Black hair is always great.

The can paint on a black nose. Frankenstein looks great with a mouth that is a long jagged lien with stitches as well.

Warts can also be painted on by mixing a little of the green paint an black paint together and then painting circles on the face of Frankenstein.

Now, once all the details on the Frankenstein face of the placemat have dried remove the tape slowly from the edges.

Now, laminate this rectangle placemat to make sure it lasts a long time. If you laminate the Frankenstein placemat you can also wash it! Well, you can wipe it down with a damp cloth!

Tip: Laminate the rectangle about ½ inch bigger than the paper. This will allow for great seal on the paper and prevent the plastic from pulling apart.

If you do not have a laminating machine or yours is not large enough, then take your Frankenstein placemat Halloween craft to the local Kinko’s and the can seal it for you!

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