Free Printable Halloween Cards Treat Friends or Family with Free Printable Halloween Cards

Send spooky greetings to your family and friends with this fun collection of printable cards for Halloween. You’ll find cards that are scary, cute and just too adorable to ignore. Most of the cards and web sites featured provide printing instructions and suggestions for envelopes. Many of the cards are quarter-sized designs that utilize a standard letter size sheet of paper that is folded in half twice to create a single greeting card.


If you are looking for cute Halloween cards then the Mint Printables web site is for you. They offer a selection of six cards featuring pumpkins, Victorian-inspired Halloween greeting, witch and Halloween scene to choose from.


Delight friends with this colorful candy corn Halloween card. One of many printable Halloween cards featured on the Print 123 web site, you can add your own personal greeting prior to printing this card out.


Want to send a scare to family members this Halloween? Then this is the card for you. This Print 123 card is adorned with a frightening image of the grim reaper. Multiple options are available for you to choose from to add your own personal message prior to printing the card out.


Featuring a black cat and jack-o-lanterns this free printable card allows you to write your own personal message before dropping in the mail.


A nice collage of fall scenery including leaves and pumpkins along with a “Happy Halloween” greeting define this free printable card available on the Print Free web site.


Featured on the Family Fun magazine web site, this free printable Halloween card lets you and your children get creative while coloring this Halloween greeting. Complete instructions are included to help make this card a true original worthy of hanging onto for years to come.


Created by Hoover Web Design, this skull designed card is easy to print and ideal for sending spooky greetings to friends and family. Other free printable cards on the web site include pumpkins, bats, skeletons and Halloween scenes.


A simple watercolor fall scene adorns this card with the greeting “Tis the Spooky Season.” This card is intended to print on a standard piece of letter-sized paper folded in half once to make the card. Other watercolor Halloween card designs are available on this web site as well.


Cute and scary at the same time, this colorful free printable Halloween card features a mummy with a red bow.


Featuring a loveable cartoon depiction of Frankenstein with a pumpkin this printable card can also serve as a party invitation. It is just one of many cards featured on the Family Shopping Bag web site.

Traditional, fun and scary free printable Halloween cards are plentiful on these featured web sites. If you can’t find a card you like, consider making your own by using standard software such as Microsoft Word or card making software available online for download or at most office supply stores.


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