Friday the 13th Themed Halloween Party

Decorating a Front Yard as Camp Crystal Lake

Welcome to where a cold blooded mass murderer is running ramped. You are up in the dense dark fog filled camp of Crystal Lake. Just as you walk past a blood splattered tent where your fellow campers tried to get a good night sleep, you see a large shadow slip past the flickering light of an old lantern. Your skin begins to crawl from the thought of something stalking you. As you begin to think about what might be awaiting you around the next dark corner, you stop dead in your footsteps. A large silhouette of something or someone is standing less than arms distance away. You are now face to face with a mass murderer. The gruesome 7′ tall 300lb hockey mask machete knife killer Jason!

This is how your party will begin while Jason is roaming inside and out of this themed Friday the 13th party.

Crystal Lake will be your front door or grass lawn. You will begin decorating outside with theses item:

  • Old camping tent preferable one that you do not care to use again.
  • One fog machine with fog juice
  • Theatrical blood from your local costume shop.
  • Old lanterns and a couple of working flashlights with batteries
  • A bunch of old clothing men’s and women’s.
  • One hockey mask
  • A jumpsuit
  • machete knife
  • Cardboard and a ground stake
  • Black craft paint and paintbrush

Set up your camping tent in the front yard or near the front door. Open up the bottle of theatrical blood and splatter some across the sides of the tent. Pack some items like news paper into some of the old clothes, fill them up like body parts and place them inside your tent. Place a flashlight randomly inside your tent also. Make sure you have a working flashlight with batteries because you will be turning them on at night to light up your tent and dummies. Also scatter old clothes around your camp ground as if there was a struggle from the murders.

Set up your fog machine by placing it somewhere hidden. You may need a power cord to run the fogger for the evening.

If you have camping lanterns you could hang them around in the tree or on top of a table. Try to make a believable camping scene, if you do not have lanterns you can find some at your local hardware store or army surplus.

With your cardboard or craft paper you will begin painting a Camp Crystal Lake sign. Draw out your sign first with a pencil, be creative and draw a font that looks creepy. Once you are happy with your drawing begin to paint the cardboard with some black acrylic paint. Let the sign dry and glue it to your wooden or plastic stake. Now place this sign in and around your tent or a dirt or grassy area of your scene.

Now for the final prop, dress yourself up as Jason with the jumpsuit, hockey mask and machete knife. Be dedicated to playing the character of Jason while walking around your front lawn and house chasing each and every visitor.



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