Fun and Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Kids love Halloween. They have lots of fun carving pumpkins, choosing a costume, trick or treating, and of course, eating all that candy. But another fun thing kids can do this year is Halloween themed crafts. Not only will it be enjoyable to you and your child, they will also create something they can feel proud of and maybe even learn some new skills. These two projects are quick and easy, and will create some great memories for you and your child.

Lollipop ghosts are a favorite among children. For this craft you will need white felt, cut into five inch squares, black felt, small sized wiggly eyes, lollipops, black or white ribbon, and tacky glue. If your child is old enough to use scissors, let them cut the white felt into five inch squares using safety scissors. Next, take on lollipop and place the top on the center of the felt square. Fold the felt over and tie your black or white ribbon around the base to secure the felt to the lollipop. Cut a tiny oval out of the black felt, to make the ghost’s mouth. Using the tacky glue, paste two wiggly eyes and one oval mouth onto the ghost’s face. And your lollipop ghost is done! If you do not have felt, you can easily use any other fabric to make the white squares. You could also draw the ghost’s mouth on with a permanent marker instead of cutting it out of felt.

A pumpkin magnet is a cute and decorative craft kids love to make. For this craft you will need walnut shell halves, emptied and cleaned, orange and black acrylic paint, paintbrushes, cardboard or poster board, green or brown pipe cleaner, cut into ½ inch length, magnets, cut into 1 inch diameter, and craft glue, or a glue gun. First, use the orange acrylic paint to paint the walnut shell orange. If you would like, you can also paint a jack-o-lantern face on it with the black paint. Let it dry, then place the shell onto your cardboard or poster board. Using a pencil, trace the shape of the walnut shell and cut out the shape. Take your craft glue or glue gun and glue the piece of pipe cleaner to the top of the walnut shell, to form the pumpkin’s stem. Last, glue the cardboard piece to the back of the walnut shell and glue the magnet to the back of the cardboard. Now you have created a wonderful Halloween magnet!

When doing crafts with your child, always remember to have fun. Your child may not do everything exactly perfect, but that’s part of the charm of arts and crafts. Take some time to be creative with your child, and they will stretch their imagination.

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