Fun, Easy, and Cheap Halloween Crafts for Children

Halloween is here, the most fun holiday of the year… Right? Kids are shouting for candy, you can’t WAIT to be done trick or treating and sewing costumes and the school Halloween festival and candy corn and…. yeah. All of that. Here are some crafts that are fun for kids, and easy and cheap for you.

  1. Skeletons… Ooooo!!!
    Grab a piece of black construction paper, some glue, a cotton ball, and a handful of QTips. Sounds so easy, but they look so cute! You simply glue the cotton ball down as the head of the skeleton (we used silly eyes and dotted on a nose and smile with magic marker). You can use the QTips in full length for legs and arms, then cut them in half for hands and feet. The kids think their skeletons are so funny, and its easy for you and them both!
  2. Sticky Window Ghosts… Aaaahhh!!!!
    For this craft, you need wax paper, lots of Elmer’s Glue, and some white yarn. Glue the yarn down in a “ghostly” shape on to the wax paper, then fill in the entire shape with glue, not too thick, but thick enough that it will stay together after it is dried. The yarn and glue will peel off the wax paper, and you’ve made your own sticky window ornaments!!
  3. Hanging Spiders… Eeeekkk!!!
    What’s Halloween without a few creepy crawlies?! Ball up a handful of black yarn and use pipe cleaners for the legs. Glue on some silly eyes and you’ve got spiders! Kids can’t make enough of them!
  4. Cobwebs for Your New Pets!
    Simply use a piece of black construction paper and white yarn to form a cobweb, glueing it down to the paper. It’s even fun to sprinkle some gold glitter to the white yarn to make it really fun! Then you can attach your pet spiders (see above) to the cobweb, and now they have a home!

Have fun, be safe, and Trick or Treat!



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