Fun, Easy Halloween Crafts

Homemade Halloween Treats Children Can Make

Whether it’s a school Halloween craft or a neighborhood kids Halloween party, kids love making their own Halloween treats. Here are five easy ideas for homemade crafts for the kids to make this year for Halloween!

Simple Halloween Craft: Ghost Lollipops

This treat remains the easiest, fastest Halloween craft and is great for a last-minute craft idea. Simply buy a few bags of Tootsie pops or Blow pops lollipops, a few boxes of tissues, and some twist ties or pipe cleaners. Put the tissues over the lollipops, secure around the ghost’s ‘neck’ and let the kids draw a ghost face on the pops.

Lite Brite Pumpkins

Have a ‘funkin’ (fake but realistic looking pumpkin- great to buy on clearance for next year after Halloween for next year’s crafts) or small carved real pumpkin for each child. Collect Lite Brite lights from yard sales or neighborhood attics or cellars. Have the kids punch the lite brite lights into the pumpkin with their own deign of a face or other Halloween scene. Now when they add a tea light or a balled-up strand of white Christmas lights to the inside- their pumpkin will ‘glow’ in the colorful pattern they designed!

Fun Halloween Craft: Spiderweb Magnet Frame

This Halloween craft is easy- and adorable. You’ll need a stack of black foam craft paper, pearly or glittery white (fabric) paint tubes, black spider rings, scissors, a hole punch, magnet tape and some black string or cord. Have the kids cut zig-zag stars a bit bigger than their hands, then draw a spiderweb pattern on the black foam paper with the white paint (they can even use glow-in-the-dark-paint of you can find it). You can use a toothpick if you like, to make finer strands on the web. Older kids can incorporate the year into the web strand near the edge. Punch a hole in one point of the web, and tie the black string: add the hanging spider to the other end. Affix a strip of magnet tape to the back. Now kids will have the perfect magnet frame for the photo of their costumes!

Glitter Pumpkin Topiary

This Halloween craft is probably better for older kids, or small kids with a lot of adult ‘help’! Supplies include: three tiny pumpkins (graduated sizes look best) for each child, a terra cotta pot, coat hangers, wire cutters, hot glue gun and Halloween colored paints, glitters, sequins, etc. Cut the straight part of the hangers to use for a ‘skewer’ of the three pumpkins. Fill the pot with modeling clay to add weight. Run a hole through the three pumpkins (smallest on top), put hanger through and secure with hot glue. Rest the bottom pumpkin on the rim of the pot. Use paint brushes to add glue, glitter and decorations. Painting the pot with three candy corn colored stripes of white, yellow, and orange adds a nice touch.

Easy Halloween Craft: Spider Pops

An easy variation of the Ghost Pops. You’ll simply need black pipe cleaners, round lollipops, googly eyes and some glue. Each pop needs three pipe cleaners- simply fold them in half, place the pop in the middle, and tightly twist the pipe cleaners around the pop to create the spider’s legs. You can fold the ends of each pipe cleaner to make ‘feet’- glue two eyes to each pop.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy putting the ‘treat’ in these trick-or-treat Halloween crafts!

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