Fun Halloween Crafts for the Kids

Lit-up Pumpkin and Witch Doctor Necklace!

Halloween is a great time for spooky decorations. There are so many different projects you can make, just use your imagination! To help set you in the right direction with creativity, below you can find great crafts for the whole family to enjoy. They are fun to make, and even more enjoyable to view as you decorate your home or school with the holiday spirit!

Pumpkin Jug –

Materials needed:

– 1 Pen (a pencil will work as well)

– A 1 gallon milk jug (with the lid/cap)

– Scissors (These will need to have a pointed end. Adult supervision needed.)

– A sponge brush for painting

– 1 bottle of orange paint (can be gloss or acrylic)

– Hot glue gun (adult supervision needed)

– Tea light candle (or for added safety you may want to use a battery operated candle instead.)

– A sheet of brown felt

– A few rocks or small Ziploc bag full of sand


1. Have a blast creating your own custom Jack-o-lantern face on the milk jug with your pen or pencil.

2. Cut out inside of the lines where you’ve just drawn the face.

3. Turn the jug around and cut out a square in the back (so that you will not see it when it’s facing forward.

4. Take your sponge brush and paint and give the jug a coat of orange. Repeat until it comes to a desired darkness. Allow to dry completely.

5. If using a real tea candle, poke small holes throughout the top of the jug in the backside. This will allow for ventilation.

6. Using the brown felt, cut a rectangular shape large enough to wrap around the cap of the jug.

7. Using the hot glue, secure the brown felt to the cap so that it looks like the “stem” of the pumpkin.

8. Place your bag of sand or rocks inside of the pumpkin.

9. Set the tea candle onto of the rocks or sand. If using a Ziploc, I advise to dump the sand into the pumpkin so you don’t risk the plastic of the bag melting.

10. Light, and enjoy!

Glowing Voodoo / Witch Doctor Necklaces –

Materials Needed:

– Toothpicks

– A roll of Hemp cord (for necklaces)

– 1 package of glow-in-the-dark polymer / Fimo clay. (You may want to get more than this quantity if you plan to make more than two necklaces.)

– A bag of assorted beads (any desired colors and textures will work)


1. You will want to knead the clay until it’s very soft and has a squishy texture.

2. To make a bone: create 4 small balls/spheres and one cylinder with the clay. Add two spheres to each side of the cylinder and smooth it out so that there are no cracks.

3. Near one end of the bone you will need to use the toothpick to create a hole which will be large enough for the Hemp cord to pass through.

4. Follow the directions which come with the package of clay to bake.

5. Allow the bones to cool for roughly 10-15 minutes. (I recommend 15 to ensure children don’t burn their fingers)

6. While waiting for the bones to cool, cut your Hemp cord into pieces long enough for the necklace. Ensure that the necklace will be able to fit over the child’s head once completed.

7. Create your awesome Witch Doctor necklace by stringing the bones and beads onto the Hemp cord!

8. Finish it off by tying the ends into a knot.

You can choose to wear these or hang them up as a decoration near a black-light for a great addition to your seasonal d├ęcor.

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