Fun Halloween Crafts Using Paper

Halloween happens to be one of my daughter’s favorite holidays. I think it’s because she gets to dress up and gets candy for it, but it could also be that we do a lot of crafts and decorating around that time of year. Here are a couple fun crafts we’ve done using just paper, glue, paint and crayons.

The first one is my favorite and we do it every year. It is footprint ghosts. For this project we used white printer paper, white paint and black paint.

This project is super easy. Just paint your little one’s bottom of their foot with white paint. Have them step onto the piece of paper and pull their foot back up straight as you can. Then use the black paint to draw eyes in the heel part of the foot print. When the paint dries you will barely be able to see the ghosts, but as soon as you put them up in a window they’ll appear!

You can also do hand spiders (or bats)! You will use black paint, orange paint, and white paper. Paint your child’s palms with black paint. Have them put their hands down on the paper so that the heels of the hands touch on the paper and all five fingers point out way from each other. Use the orange paint to write “Trick or Treat” or “Happy Halloween” on the paper.

Another easy project we did this year was a jack-o-lantern puppet. To make this project you will need a brown paper lunch bag, Elmers glue, orange construction paper, black construction paper, scissors, a paper plate and a brown crayon.

Use the paper plate to trace a circle onto the orange construction paper. Cut out the circle. Then cut the circle in half.

Glue one half of the orange circle to the bottom of the brown paper lunch bag (leave the lunch bag folded up, this will be the top of the head of the jack-o-lantern when you’re done). Glue the bottom of the orange circle to the paper bag so that it lines up with the top half but is not on the top half.

Cut a mouth out of black construction paper and again cut it in half and glue one half to the upper portion of the paper bag and one to the lower so they match up and appear to be one when not using the puppet.

Cut out two eyes and glue on to the top half of the orange circle.

Use a brown crayon to draw vertical lines from the top of the circle to the bottom like the lines on a pumpkin.

Allow to dry and then put on a play with your new, fun jack-o-lantern puppet!

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