Fun to Make Halloween Decorations

Affordable and Easy Halloween Decorations

With many people still facing issues with the economy, it is nice to know that we can still find ways to make our children feel special during the holidays and with out spending anything. That is if we can help it.

For many parents, we typically have lots o arts and crafts supplies around our homes. You never know what school project your child’s teacher may assign, so better safe than sorry, be prepared. Its the best way to be.

Now on to some real fun. Let’s get things ready for our Halloween Party. It’s time to spook it up just right!

For each project idea, you will find a list of items you will need to gather and what it will cost you should you not have the items on hand, this way, if you are on a set budget, we can help you stay in that budget with out any problems.

With each idea, if your kids are old enough get them involved! They will have fun learning how to recycle and reuse items that you have laying around your home as well.


This is a fun way to reuse some items that many people may throw away or dump in the recycling bin.

You need: any color foam meat trays, black construction paper, crayons, glue, scissors, string, pencil and a ruler.

Let’s get started!

1) Take the foam meat trays and cut off the edges. This will give you a flat surface to work on. Determine what size bats you would like to make.

2) Using your ruler, figure out the length and width you would like to use. Now, on the foam, using a pencil mark out the length (side to side, usually 3 inches is good), then the width 2-3 inches is good. Of course it depends on the size trays you have as well and how many you are looking to get out of each one. In some cases you can get 3 to 4 small bats out of a tray.

3) After marking the area, the time has come to draw your bats. All you have to do is make sure you have 2 pointy ears around the middle, sinking points on the upper parts of the wings and then some arch points on the bottom, like you see so often. A great place to find patterns that you can reuse for other things, is Free Patterns You can always use clothing applique patterns and turn them into other ideas, like the bats for this project. It only takes a moment to print them out.

4) Once you have traced or drawn your bats, it is time to cut them out. Set your foam bats to the side.

5) Time to draw and cut out the construction paper bats, these will be glued onto the foam bats that you just completed. If you free hand drew the bats, use the foam bats as your template, this will help you get the right size.

6) Cut out the construction paper bats.

7) Glue the construction paper bats on to the foam. Let dry. This may take up to an hour. So, while you are waiting, you could start one of the other projects.

8) In between the ears, take the point of your scissors and make a small hole. Or if you have a hole punch you could use this as well. (some people don’t) Have the kids put scary faces on the bats or leave them plain.

9) Take the string and cut it into different lengths. Make sure the string is long enough however so that you can thread it through the hole in the bats head so you can tie it off but still have enough length so that it can hang down from the ceiling.

10) Attach the strings to your bats. Your bats are now ready to hang from the ceiling. If you are having the party in your home, you can use simple take to hold the bats up. The bats are light weight enough and you should be able to get away with masking tape. Painters tape works good, if you have some.

If you did not have items on hand here is the cost: Construction paper- package of black from a craft store 50 sheets $2.50, glue .75, crayons 1.50, string .99, meat trays free, ruler .35, package of pencils .50, scissors $1.00. Total cost around $7.25 after tax. Of course if you are making a ton of bats and have a large room to decorate. This is a great value.

If you are doing these projects in advance of your party. Make sure you have a good place to store the bats so that they don’t get damaged. A great storage box, the plastic shoe boxes you can get from any discount store, dollar store, etc. Or even a regular cardboard shoe box.

You can reuse these bats the next year or give them away as part of a prize for your guests. Kids love hanging things in their bedrooms.

If you don’t wish to hang these from your ceiling, you could make the bats and simply hang them on your walls. It all depends on your decoration concepts.

Pumpkin drawing contest

Pumpkins are always a great way to decorate. However, when you have kids turn them into jack-o-lanterns, it can even be more fun. This is great to do a couple of weeks in advance of your party.

1) With each invitation that you sent out, send a sheet of Orange construction paper with instructions. Have your guests come up with a jack-o-lantern, explain that they can decorate their pumpkins however they want. If you chose to, you could draw the pumpkin on to the construction paper ahead of time so they are all uniform or of different sizes like many are. Make sure you explain that the pumpkins should be cut out.

This is great for little kids. From the ages of 4-7. If you have noticed over the years, many parties are now having carving or decorating contests of real pumpkins, this can get messy and very expensive. Keep it simple.

2) Don’t forget to set a deadline. Once you have received all of the pumpkin designs back, you can hang them up around the room for the party.

3) Set up a sheet for voting. Give each pumpkin (jack-o-lantern) a number and simply have your guests put a check mark next to their favorite jack-o-lantern. Towards the end of the party, tally up and see who won. You could have the prize be a pumpkin that the winner could take home to decorate for their own Halloween.

Cost for this project: Orange construction paper- craft center or store that sells only orange $2.50 after tax just under $3.00


These aren’t ordinary streamers made out of crete paper. These streamers are ones that you will be hanging through out opening or doorways around your home that your guests may be traveling through.

It is best to do this project the day of your event.

What you need: Black garbage bags (make sure they don’t have the draw strings, if the do you will have to cut this part off) , sharp scissors, tape.

1) Open up the garbage bag, opening of the bag will be the bottom, if you have the draw string type, cut off the draw string portion. You can actually use these on another project.

2) Lay the bag out flat surface.

3) From the opening to the sealed in, begin cutting the bag into thin strips. Be sure to leave about 2 inches from the bottom of the bag. This will prevent the bag from tearing completely and give you space for hanging purposes.

4) Tape up around the doorways of your home. When the kids walk through, it will tickle their noses.

Cost of a box of bags if not on hand: $1.00 after tax around $1.25, this price is if you hit the dollar store near your home. The price of course will be more if you choose to buy a bigger box, etc.

A be-heading!

If the kids are around the ages of ten and up, this is a fun one to do. However, it does take a bit more creativity and time. But, it will and can be a lot of fun.

What you will need: A willing victim ( no laughs this person will have to be the head of your table.), A cardboard box, plastic table cloth, piece of cloth or old scarf, basket that you can cut, candies to place around the head, white, black and red face make-up, tape, ruler, box cutter, scissors, masking tape.

1) Be sure the box is big enough for your victim to sit under. You will need to find the center on the bottom of the cardboard box. Draw a circle big enough for your victim to pop their head through. To make it easier, draw a line from the circle down one side of the box so that you can fit it around the neck of your victim more easily.

2) You will want to make the hole in the table cloth a bit smaller to hide the cardboard.

3) With the basket, be sure it is thin enough material to cut. Cut a hole to fit around the neck of the victim. You can cut down one side to make it easier to fit around.

4) Cut the material that you also have to fit inside the basket, but also to hide the raw edge of the whole for your victims neck. This will protect them from any scratches.

5) About an hour before the party it will be time to decorate the victim’s face. Cover the face in white paint, use red around the neck area to represent their head being removed, Some black under the eyes to represent some bruising possibly. Have fun. It is best to either use an older child or an adult that is willing to do this.

6) Time to dress for the occasion. Have your victim sit comfortable on the floor or a small step stool. Once in position, it is time to put on their table. Fit the box around them, then tape down the seam to hold it together. Make sure you use a strong enough tape to hold for a period of time. Next place the table cloth, tucking down around the edge of the box to keep it from rubbing. The basket comes next, be sure that the cut is at the back of their head so that it doesn’t get noticed. Then cover the inside with the fabric, tucking around the neck, carefully of course so you don’t smudge the make up. Place candies around the head, mostly in front. Your table is ready for viewing.

Make sure this table is set close to a wall or in a place where no one walks behind it. That way all of your seems are hidden from the view of the guests.

Have your head keep their eyes closed. As they hear a guest being sent to the table to enjoy some candy, have them open their eyes and say funny things. For example: “Hey that’s my favorite, don’t take that!” Or “Say can you open that for me, I don’t seem to have any hands.” The important thing is to keep it light hearted and funny.

Cost: Box $4.00, table cloth $2.50, basket (found at a thrift store) $1.00, candy $2.00, make-up $3.00 Total cost: $15.00 after taxes.

Now if you find a box, have the table cloth, etc. You can save a significant amount on this particular decoration.

For other decorating ideas. It is always good to use jack-o-lanterns that you have carved. These always add a special touch to any event.

If your party is some time before the big day of Halloween, a great way to keep your carved pumpkins to last until the actual holiday, store them in a cold dry place. Although this may be difficult to do, I have known some people to store their pumpkins in the freezer.

Simplicity is always the best policy. Remember if you decorate for the holidays anyway, you may not want to do anymore than add a few candles around to provide a different ambiance. Another great decorating idea, take from nature. Use some of the dried leaves around your yard to decorate with, placing them on tables or even on the floor of the room your party is to take place in. Of course you will have to clean up the crumbled leaves should you have them on the floor, but think of all the fun.

With many of the decorating ideas, if you have the material available or have the ability to reuse things, you can do most for well under $10.00 for all of the ideas that we have discussed. Let your imagination go wild.



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