Ghost Palm Beanies: A Halloween Party Craft for All Ages

A Great 2-fer Craft and Game Which is Perfect for Parties as Well as the Classroom!

Are you looking for a Halloween Party craft that won’t cost a fortune, won’t make a huge mess, and will last longer than two seconds? Then you’re looking for the Ghost Palm Beanie, a craft project that doubles as a fun and versatile game.


Gather your craft “ingredients”:

White fabric, somewhat stiff, such as white denim. Use orange fabric if you want to make pumpkin palm beanies instead. One yard will make 6 pal beanies.

1/2 C rice or beans per ghost.

Black ponytail bands, one per ghost.



Magic markers in several colors, fine point. Permanent markers are best but washable is OK for younger children.

One cereal bowl, more if you have adult helpers to assist with a large group.


Using a pencil, draw a 14″ wide circle for each ghost. Use a large dinner plate for a guide if you don’t have a school compass to help make a good circle.


Using a black marker, draw a 3 1/2″ circle in the middle of the first circle. Cut out around the 14″ circle’s line. If you have time and feel comfortable, cut the circle in a large wavy line. DO NOT CUT THE INNER CIRCLE OUT!


Each child can now draw a scary or funny ghost face within the inner circle using the permanent markers.


Once the ghost’s face has been drawn, place the fabric, face side down, in the cereal bowl, with the face circle centered. Pour the 1/2 C rice or beans into the center. Carefully bring up all the sides and then use the ponytail band to gather and hold the material along the face circle. Loop the band several times to assure a tight fit.

Now your little treat-or-treaters have a palm beanie that can be used in several ways:

See who can walk the farthest or fastest while popping the beanie up and down on their palm.

Use a hula hoop or bucket and see who can toss the beanie into the middle from a distance.

Gather the group into a circle and, using one or two beanies, have them pop the ghosts around and across the circle.

Make a tic-tac-toe game with chalk in the driveway and toss the beanies to try and get three in a row.

Don’t let yourself be limited to ghosts and pumpkins. Use whatever fabric colors and designs catch your fancy for any birthday, holiday or special occasion, such as blue and pink for a baby shower game. Have fun!



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