Ghoulishly Good Halloween Crafts

Looking for a way to give friends and family the fright they are looking for this October? Throw a freakishly fun Halloween party this year with this spirited yard decoration and creepy, yet edible, Halloween recipe.

First, this cute and creepy Halloween yard craft is the perfect way to spook trick-or-treaters or to simply decorate for your Halloween bash.


  1. Plastic gallon milk jugs
  2. Black permanent marker
  3. Crafting knife
  4. String of 50 clear low-wattage holiday lights


  1. Sketch out ghost eyes and mouth on the milk jugs. (Tip: If you leave the caps on while drawing, the jugs won’t dent)
  2. Using the crafting knife, cut a half-dollar-size hold in the lower back of each jug.
  3. Position the jugs close to each other and string the lights between them, ensuring to stuff several bulbs into each of the jugs.

Positioned along your walkway, these spirit jugs extend a ghostly greeting to your visitors.

Next, get your guests in the mood by creating these scary-good Halloween treats, prepared and eaten all on the same fork.


  1. 2 (11-ounce) bags white chocolate chips
  2. 12 doughnut holes
  3. Semi-sweet chocolate chips
  4. Tube of red decorating frosting


  1. Melt the white chocolate chips over low heat, keeping the chocolate warm while you work.
  2. Using a fork, spear each doughnut hole and submerge it in the melted chocolate. Coat completely and gently shake off any excess.
  3. Place a semi-sweet chocolate chip with its point cut off onto each doughnut hole.
  4. Place the forks handle side down in a mug and allow the chocolate coating to harden.
  5. Using the red decorating frosting, add squiggly veins coming from the pupils.

These ideas are sure to help create a ghoulishly good time for all the ghouls and boys attending your Halloween festivities.



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