Great Craft Idea for Halloween Decorating

Turn Your Diningroom Table into a Graveyard for Halloween Night!

Make this graveyard as elaborate or as simple as you would like. If you are having a party make sure to leave some room for bowls of appetizers. A fog machine blowing fog onto the table scape would be a great party idea also.

Stuff you’ll need:

Black heavy duty garbage bags

Painters tape

Enough sod to cover your table

3 pieces of foam board

Silver spray paint

Thick black paint marker

6 pieces of thin dowel roads about 10 inches long

Large plastic rats

Plastic raven, spiders, skull or any other scary Halloween items that proportionally fit your landscape

A few days ahead of planning to decorate the table make your gravestones. Cut 3 foam boards into 3 gravestone shaped pieces anywhere between 18-24 inches tall. Spray paint one side of the gravestone, let dry, flip over and spray paint the other side. Once both sides of the headstone are dry use the paint marker to write names on the headstones. Be creative, you can use names like Bill E Bones, Count Dracula, or even Ben Dover. Using the painters tape, tape two dowel rods to the back of the gravestones about 5 – 6 inches apart. Leave 2 inches of each dowel rod hanging below the bottom of the gravestone.

When you are ready to decorate your dining room table the first step is to cover your table with grass. To do this, first cut open as many garbage bags as you need to completely cover tabletop and sides. Tape the bags to the underside of the table using painters tape. Place the sod on top of the garbage bag butting each one up against the next. If your table has rounded edges use a sharp pair of scissors or gardening shears to cut pieces to fit. Pressing down where the pieces meet to ensure you can’t see any seams.

Once the grass is complete you can start decorating. Get out your gravestones and place them on the grass by pushing the dowel rods into the sod. Place a few plastic rats on the grass. A raven perched on top of a gravestone is a nice touch as is spiders, webs, or a skull. Once the basic landscape is down the rest is up to your imagination.

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