Green Halloween Yard Decorations

Decorate your yard for Halloween without breaking the budget. All the cool houses have good decorations for Halloween, and this year you can do it with little additional cost. Use empty cereal boxes, solar lights, and green garbage bags to turn your yard into a haunted yard.

Solar light Ghosts

Use solar lights to hang in the trees and leave some on the ground where the sun will directly shine on them so they will get enough sunlight to power up. At night time cover them with white material or any type of material that is light enough to allow the light to shine though. This little step makes your solar lights part of your Halloween decorations.


Every good haunted yard needs to be turned into a cemetery. Start saving cereal boxes a few months before Halloween these will be your gravestones. So save as many as you think you will need. A few nights before the big night sit down with the kids and create your markers. We all know what gravestones say so write stuff like this on computer paper.

Now tape some of the pieces of paper upside down on the cereal boxes and place the box on sticks poked in the ground. You can also add a few rocks to some cereal boxes, which will sit directly upon the ground.

Of course if it rains you will want to grab the boxes and bring them inside or at least put them on the porch so they will not be ruined.


This one is easy to create. If you have old clothes that would go in the garbage or are headed to the Salvation Army, go ahead and snatch them for your creative Halloween purposes. In addition, you need a funky hat and an old pair of shoes. Make sure the hat is large enough to sit on the top of the scarecrow, so a cowboy hat is better than a baseball cap.

Sew up the sleeves and waistline on the shirt and the legs in the pans to prevent the leaves from spilling out and fill it up. Set your ‘dummy’ on the porch to great the kids when they come looking for candy on the big night of Halloween.

Rotten Pumpkins & Monster Bags

Even the cheap green garbage bags can become pumpkins abet rotten pumpkins. They can also become creepy monsters when they appear to have many legs. Fill the bags with leaves that have fallen in your yard. After the big night put them on the curb for the garbage man. Lay down the smaller bricks in short piles and set the bag on top of them. A solar light or glow in the dark light can easily be placed under it to illuminate the monster. Decorate the bag with big white spots or red polka dots; make it as funny or scary as you wish for a Halloween decoration.

On the big night dress up, turn on the Halloween tunes and wait for the children to come knocking.



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