Guide to Halloween Decorations and Recipes

One of the primary activities associated with Halloween Day celebrations, and undeniably one of the most fun-filled and time consuming events, is the decoration of the house with articles ranging from bloodied tablecloths to life size skeletons hanging in the hallway.

Things which are never considered as decorations or remotely adding to the ambience of the house, find the spotlight on that one night. You may not even want to buy such decorations. But definitely do not pass up the opportunity to go and look at the various decoration items for sale. The creativity and the variety will amaze any one, be it a small kid looking for something spooky to the old grandmother who thinks a Jack-O-Lantern would look nice on her table in the nights. This is also one industry which makes a whole lot of money every year.

Basically anything you can keep in your house can be turned into a decoration item. There are items ranging from skeleton shaped door knockers and diabolical doorknob skulls, to skull shaped cake pans and skeleton handed wine glasses.

Everything is unique and imaginative, and the creativity of each item makes people enjoy just looking at these items. An average American household spends nearly around 100 to 200 $ per year on Halloween decoration items. Sometimes there are items like hairy rat toys which people fancy as desktop accessories during the day of Halloween.

Altogether, Halloween decoration is a fun-filled theme based activity where everyone wants to pitch in with their own contributions. After all, how often do you find a five year old wanting to help clean?

Another activity which everyone loves to do but only one person works for it, is cooking of Halloween recipes. This is a challenge in itself for every mother who is used to cooking for years together. Since the holiday comes in the beginning of the annual apple harvest time, a commonly found sweet item is candy apples, which are made by rolling the apples in a sugar syrup kind of coating.

Sometimes nuts are also added to it. This is one of the days where every mother and cook likes to get their innovative brain cells to work, for on this day the kids will be waiting to see how ghastly their mother can get. And they don’t disappoint. In come the bat wing soups and Jack-O-Lantern burgers, spider cupcakes and ghost cakes with fiery flaming eyes!

Even food can be scary on Halloween and it is always a delight to watch the little ones go wide-eyed at the dinner table. Nothing makes a party spookier than an ominous witch’s brew, served on a plate which has a hand as a stand.

Also, a common practice during Halloween for kids is to go trick or treating to different houses, and hence every house will be cooking up a delicious treat for the kids. There are thousands of ghoulish recipes especially meant for Halloween foods and it all adds to the color and appearance of the dark festival. Of recent times, drinking and feasting also seem to come under this category.

The 6th street of Austin, TX known worldwide for its party scenario is entirely themed up for Halloween and there are lots of devilish drinks available in the pubs that night. Needless to say, this is also a major crowd puller and money making strategy for the nightclubs.

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