Halloween Candle Safety Guide

How to Stay Safe While Decorating for Halloween

Decorating for Halloween is one of the best parts of the holiday, besides the delicious treats and costumes. Many people use candles inside their jack-o-lanterns or around the house to give the rooms a “spooky” feel. However, these candles can be a fire hazard as many consumers are too busy with the hustle and bustle of Halloween to keep an eye on the candles. To prevent candle related accidents, use these tips provided in this Halloween candle safety guide.

General Safety Tips

When leaving a room or when going to sleep, always extinguish all candles. Keep the candle in a sturdy holder that will not easily tip over. The candle should be placed in an area where it can not be knocked over easily by pets, children, or visitors. The area around the candle should not contain any flammable items or decorations, include clothing, curtains, paper, books, or other flammable materials. Also, keep the candle away from all heat sources, such as any open flames, heaters, or light bulbs.

Keep candle wicks cut to approximately one-quarter of an inch. Extinguish the candle when it becomes about two inches away from the candle holder. Keep a candle stuffer nearby to easily extinguish the candle when needed to simply blow it out. During Halloween, it’s common to have Halloween decorations and costumes laying about the house. It’s recommended to purchase wigs, costumes, and props that are flame-resistant or retardant. These materials will not easily ignite if they happen to come in contact with a flame.

Children & Pets

Supervision is required when children are carving, decorating, and using candles for their pumpkins. Always light the candle for the child and do not allow them to play near or with the pumpkin while lit. To avoid the risk of catching something aflame, purchase a small flashlight or fake battery-operated candle to use inside your pumpkin and for decoration purposes. Store all matches, lighters, and candles out of the reach of children and teens. Never leave a child unattended in a room with a lit candle.

Instruct children to stay away from any heat sources, especially lit candles. Teach them how to stop, drop, and roll in case of emergencies. If a child is visiting another home that will have lit candles, show them all exits in the home. Home owners should also be aware of pets when candles are lit. Candles should not be left in an area that a dog could jump up, knock over, bump into, or swipe with their tail. Just like children, pets will need supervision when left in a home with lit candles.

Wax Cleaning Tips

When dealing with wax this Halloween, you may discover some on your clothing, carpet, or furniture. If this occurs, allow the wax to harden and cool before you try to remove it. Break up the wax and discard of any broken up pieces. Fold two to three paper towels and place them on top of each other over the wax. Apply a heated steam iron to the area. The steam iron should be protected with a piece of tin foil. Check for residue, remove any excess wax, and repeat if needed.

Wax on clothing or furniture may cause stains. It’s always recommended that you talk to a professional or call in a professional cleaner for furniture and carpets. Pouring boiling water onto clothing with wax will usually help to remove the material without damaging the fabric. Do not use carpet methods on clothing as this could cause the candle dye to sink into the clothing, causing stains.



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