Halloween Cat Mask Craft Project

This Halloween cat mask craft project is the perfect Halloween craft for any little girl out there wanting to be a cat for Halloween. Let you little girl help make this cat mask for her Halloween costume and have a little fun together!

To Make This Halloween Cat Costume Mask You Will Need:

Fun Foam (you choose the colors)




Pom Pom (optional)

Elastic string

You will need to choose fun foam in a few different colors. Just make sure they coordinate with yoru little girl’s cat Halloween costume.

To get started on the Halloween mask you will need to stat with a basic mask shape.

I recommend drawing a large 8 sideways on paper. Loosely trace around this to get a nice mask shape.

Measure how wide your little girl’s head is. This is how wide the 8 should be.

Now, cut this out of the paper.

Lay the paper on the first color of fun foam and trace it out.

Now, about ½ inch in from the sides you need to poke a hole, one on each side. This will be where you tie the strings on to hold the Halloween cat mask on yoru little girl’s head.

Now, on to the decorating! I am using all fun foam here, but don’t forget, you can use any craft materials you want!

By the way, a piece of left over cardboard also works well for this Halloween cat mask craft project.

Now, cut out the eyes. Cat’s eyes are the shape of almonds. Have your little girl place the mask on here face and mark where the eyes need to be. Remove the mask and cut them out.

Now, cut out two circle for the nose and mouth area. Glue thes eon in the bottom middle of the mask. These should be in another color of the fun foam.

Now, cut out strips of black or other colored fu foam to be the whiskers.

Three to four for each side.

Glue these on so they meet where the nose will be.

Now, use a pom pom as the nose.

Glue this over the ends of the whiskers in the middle.

You can add eyelashes, a tongue, and so forth!

Now, cut a piece of elastic string. Tie it onto the two holes on either side to hold the Halloween cat mask craft project on!

You really can use markers, puff paint, fabric paint, felt, and any recycled craft materials you may have laying around from another Halloween craft project! You can also use paper to make this Halloween cat mask craft project, but you will need to laminate it to help it last!

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