Halloween Cookie Plate Craft Project

This simple Halloween plate craft project is a cool way to make Halloween dishes and Halloween platters for a party. You can also make these fun and whimsical Halloween plates with the kids and use them at the dinner table!

To Make These Halloween Plates You Will Need:

Oven fire clay

1 dinner plate

Letter stamps (optional)

Acrylic paint

Clear acrylic paint

Your favorite Halloween poem or story

To make this Halloween plate or platter you will need a plate form your cabinet. This is a great way to use an object you already have as a mold for your plate.

Of course if you are making this as a Halloween platter, you can use a platter as a mold.

Now, roll out a slab of your oven firing clay. This will need to be about ¼ to ½ inch thick an larger than your plate.

Now, drape the oven firing clay on the dinner plate. Use your hands to press the clay into the plate and form it to the same shape.

Work your hands evenly and press firmly. Now, along the edges you can use a butter knife to trim the circular edge of the Halloween plate craft project.

Use your fingers to smooth the edges of the plate.

On the top of the clay you can also use your fingers to make any shapes you want. I like to press my fingers in about 2 inches in from the edge all around to create a rim on the Halloween plate or Halloween platter.

Now, break out those letter stamps and you Halloween poem. Something like Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven or Parts of the Headless Horseman would be perfect.

Use the letter stamp to stamp the poem into your Halloween cookie plate.

Let the plate dry and remove it from the dinner plate you used as a guide.

Once this is finished you will need to fire your Halloween cookie plate in the oven according to the package directions on yoru clay.

Now, once the Halloween cookie plate has cooled you are ready to paint.

Here are my paint recommendations: First paint the whole plate black with acrylic paint.

Let this dry. Now, use an orange acrylic paint and a large dry paint brush and dry brush the orange over the surface of the cookie plate. This will leave the recessed Halloween poem letters black and turn the plate orange!

Let this plate dry and then seal it with at least three coats of a food safe clear acrylic spray paint.

You will need to read your can of clear acrylic paint to check and see if it is food safe!

This super cute Halloween cookie plate is a great gift or a place to display yoru homemade candy apples!

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