Halloween Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids

Halloween is a popular time of the year to spend time enjoying crafts with the kids. Create your own Halloween craft projects for kids by following these suggestions and ideas.

Scary Ghost Windsock

Large white construction paper
1 roll white crepe paper
Black marker or crayon

First you will need a sheet of construction paper rolled together so that it looks like a tube, then staple it. Next cut 10 foot strips of crepe paper and put them through the hole at the top of your tube for a tail like effect. Tape your tails down so that don’t blow away. With your marker, make scary eyes and mouth. Finally, with your string, hang your windsock on a tree, or your front porch. Ghost windsocks are one of the easiest Halloween crafts to made, and the kids love them.

Garbage Bag Spider

18 large black garbage or trash bags
Newspaper, leaves or anything suitable for stuffing
Black tape or duct tape
Large red plastic drinking cups

First, take a bag and stuff it with your newspapers or leaves. Tie the bag closed and turn it upside down. Fill up a second bag and fill it up too, but not as full as you did the first one, then tape it to the body. To make a leg, roll up two of your garbage bags lenthgwise. Tape them at both ends with your duct or black tape and then tape legs to give them a jointed appearance. Make the rest of the spider legs with the remaining bags. Finally, take the red plastic drinking cups and tape them on the head for the eyes. You can suspend your scary spider from a tree with string, or just let him relax on your porch or the lawn. Spider Halloween crafts might even scare your neighbors!

Batty Clothespin Bat Pin

Black construction or craft paper and small amount of red construction paper

First cut out bat wings – you can use a bat stencil or trace a bat picture. Next cut out a body, making sure you cut out little pointy ears and small feet and glue it onto the wings. Next with your red construction paper, cut out small circles for the eyes and glue them on. Finally, take your clothespin and glue it on the back of your bat. After the glue is dry, your bat pin is ready to use. Make a few of these fun bat pin Halloween crafts to pin on your outfits or pin them on your curtains at home.

Goofy Gourds Centerpiece Baskets

Gourds of different shapes and sizes
Craft store toy eyes
Felt tip markers
Small amounts of different colored yarn
Small colored pom pom balls
Small basket
Orange napkins
Orange ribbon

This is one of my favorite Halloween craft projects for kids. It’s simple and fun. First take your gourd, and with your markers, draw a cute mouth on it. Next glue your toy eyes on the gourd and a pom pom on it for the nose. With your yarn you can make different color hair out of multicolored strands of yarn and glue it on the top of the gourd for hair. After the glue dries you can arrange your goofy gourds in small fabric lined baskets. You can line your baskets with orange fabric or simply use orange party napkins. Tie bows around the basket handles.

The kids will love creating their own Halloween Crafts this season, and so will you.



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