Halloween Craft Ideas: Candy Corn Photo Frame

Halloween is one of the best times of year to take a memorable photo of your little ones all dressed up in their costumes. And how do you showcase this moment of cuteness all year round? With a candy corn photo frame, of course!

For this project, you will need:

– One plain wood photo frame

– Medium grit sandpaper

– Soft cloth

– Krylon Indoor Outdoor Primer in All-Purpose White

– Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint in Satin Bright White

– One ounce white polymer clay

– One ounce orange polymer clay

– One ounce yellow polymer clay

– Craft roller or rolling pin

– Craft knife

– Cookie sheet

– Oven

– Cooling rack

– Hot glue gun with glue sticks

– Newspaper

– A favorite Halloween photo

For ease in cleanup after the painting process, cover your entire work area in sheets of old newspaper. Remove the backing and glass from the photo frame; set aside. Gently sand the frame with medium grit sandpaper. Wipe away any dust with a soft cloth. Spray the frame with one to two coats of Krylon Indoor Outdoor Primer in All-Purpose White. Allow the primed photo frame to dry for an hour. Apply two coats of Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint in Satin Bright White, pausing for fifteen to twenty minutes between coats. Dry for several hours, or until the paint on the frame is no longer tacky to touch. After the painting process, remove the newspaper from your work area.

Pinch off an equal sized amount from each of the polymer clay blocks: white, orange, and yellow. Roll the clay between your fingers to create equal sized “logs”. Place the three together with the white on the bottom, orange in the middle, and yellow on the top. Use a craft roller or rolling pin to roll out the clay into a sheet that is 1/4 inch thick. (This should leave you with a striped appearance.) With a craft knife cut out candy corn shapes, which look like little triangles. Play with the clay a bit to create different sized candy corn shapes. Use your imagination!

Place the shapes directly onto the cookie sheet. Bake according to manufacturer directions. Cool completely on a cooling rack. Hot glue the candy corn shapes onto the photo frame. Once the glue has dried, replace the glass into the frame. Insert your favorite Halloween photo, reinstall the backing, and enjoy!

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