Halloween Craft Ideas for Children

Children get excited about Halloween and are a ball of energy until that day finally arrives. Those weeks before can be hard on parents unless they provide a holiday activity that fulfills, temporarily, that need to have fun connected to the spooky day. These are a few Halloween craft ideas for children that are sure to provide that Halloween fun time before the big day. I recommend doing two of these a week, staring the first days in October.

Halloween Craft Ideas for children.

Make ghosts. With white trash bags, newspaper, and bread ties, you can make numerous ghosts of various sizes to be hung in windows, trees, and classrooms. Even a toddler can wad up newspaper.

Color pictures, cut them out, hang them in windows. Then add a message below each one, like Happy Halloween or trick or treat. Use markers or glitter to spice this up for older children.

Carve small letter pumpkins with a message on them, like Boo, or HA-HA. Each gourd is one letter. Light them up with a string of flashing Christmas lights.

Make a huge spider for the lawn. Using ten black garbage bags and clear tape, stuff the spider until it cannot hold anymore newspaper, tape it tightly in a twisting motion and then use red glitter for the eyes. For the antenna, put a black bag over a thickly shaped piece of aluminum foil and tape to the spider. Will take about 3 hours.

More Halloween Craft Ideas for children.

Using recycled paper plates, glue, and things found only in the yard, make Halloween pictures to hang up in the windows. Use twigs, rocks, leaves, cones, and other natural objects. Call it a green Halloween activity.

Draw scary faces on large balloons and then blow them up. Attach strings and tie them to fences, trees, and classroom. As the air expands the material, the face will get bigger so do not try to draw it full sized. Use white and orange balloons for the best effect. These can be spiced up by using yarn to make hair.

Create a front door mural. Take a long strip of paper that can gotten wet and have each child draw a Halloween picture on it and then sign it. Hang this on the front door to be the first thing people see when they walk in.

For older children, try making pumpkin pillows. Using a simple pattern and padding, you can create date keepsakes to use every year. One day can be dedicated to getting out the decorations and putting them up, just like with the Christmas season.

Now you have some Halloween Craft ides for Children.



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