Halloween Craft Ideas: Haunted House Invitations

When it comes time for a Halloween party, start it off with the right invitation. You and your child, with guidance, can make them with no problem. They will require some precise cutting using a craft knife; please make sure that YOU do this step! Never leave a sharp knife where a child can get to it! These can be made using different color schemes to suit individual tastes; however the basic design will stay the same. This invitation will delight the recipient; and set the party mood. For each poster board, you can make roughly six to eight invitations.


Poster Board, can use black, or silver. (referred to as Poster Board #1)

Coordinating Poster Board (referred to as Poster Board #2) {This will be your background. Look for some of the brighter neon yellow, green, or orange ones; they work well.}

Markers (gold, silver, black, or green work well depending on your background poster-board)

Glue or Glue Stick(s)

Scissors (you can even use decorative scissors for fancy edges)

Craft Knife


List of invites

Begin by taking poster board #1 and, using a ruler, draw the OUTLINE of six large, or eight smaller houses; make the body at least 6″ long and 5″ wide; not counting the roof. Using your scissors, cut them out.

Take one of the house cut-outs and trace the pattern onto poster board #2. Then using scissors, cut those out and lay them aside for now.

After your houses have been cut out, take the ones made from poster board #1 and using a fine-tip marker; use a color that will show up well, draw in at least four windows (about an inch square) and a door. You don’t have to use a ruler for this. Try doing some free-hand for that spooky feel. You can also get super creative and draw in shingles on the roof, or ghosts in flight across the house!

Once you have your houses, take your craft knife and score the windows down the middle and then again across the top and bottom, and the door on three sides; or if it’s a big, arched door you can score it down the center and across the top and bottom. Get creative and make variations of the house. You can lay your house on a piece of thick cardboard or foam board to make this easy. Once scored, you’ll open them up and fold them back slightly to give them a light crease.

Now comes the glue. Taking your houses (made from poster board #1), match them up to the house outlines made from poster board #2. Glue them together being careful to not put the glue where your windows and doors are! You do not want to glue them shut. Once finished, set aside to dry.

When your houses have completely dried, you should be able to fold open the windows and doors easily. Taking each house, it’s time to turn them into invitations. Have your guest list handy, it’s time to do some writing.

Starting with inside the door, fold back and write an invitation line. You can put something like this: Spooky Spectacular Halloween Party; You’re Invited!! If you have plenty of room you can draw in some pumpkins, bats, ghosts, or anything decorative for Halloween.

Inside the different windows, put the relevant party information. In one you can write the address for the party, another the time and date, another whether costumes are required or optional, and the final window can contain your RSVP information, listing a phone number for them.

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