Halloween Craft Ideas: Scary Vintage Photo Throw Pillows

Creepy looking vintage photos are a great reminder of the “ghosts” around us. These readily available images make a great addition to Halloween decorating, and these scary vintage photo throw pillows are a unique and whimsical way of adding this look to your home this season.

For this project, you will need:

– Two ten inch pieces of tan canvas fabric

– Straight pins

Sewing machine with a needle sturdy enough to handle canvas fabric

– Large hand sewing needle

– Coordinating thread

– Fiberfill

– Old photos

– Scanner

– Photo editing software

– Printer

– Iron on transfer paper (available at craft supply and office supply stores)

– Scissors

– Iron and ironing board

– Embellishments, such as rhinestones or google eyes

Begin by choosing the vintage photo you wish to use for your throw pillow. Then, either take the image to your local copy and print shop or use a home scanner to input the image into a photo editing software. In the program, enlarge the image to a eight inch by eight inch size. Print the image onto iron on transfer paper.

Trim the transfer paper to the exact size of the image. With a warm iron and an ironing board, transfer the image onto one of the canvas pieces. Cool completely.

Pin the printed canvas fabric piece face down to the other piece with straight pins. Using a sewing machine equipped with a needle sturdy enough to handle canvas fabric, sew around the square working a half inch in. Leave a one inch gap at the top of the pillow for stuffing. Turn the fabric so that the image is on the outside and the fabric is creating a “pocket”.

Apply the embellishments, as desired. Consider using rhinestones to add additional details, fabric paint, google eyes, and pretty much anything you desire. Most craft supply stores have a wide variety of options, so be feel free to come up with a design that is all your own.

Fill the throw pillow up with fiberfill until it is as stuffed as desired. With a hand needle and the same thread from the sewing machine, close up the hole at the top of the pillow.

TIP: This same project can be done using an existing throw pillow and a zip up or button shut canvas fabric cover. These are readily available at many home d├ęcor shops and although a bit more expensive than creating your own, make it easy to dress up an existing pillow. This not only saves time, but allows you to take the cover off and store it for future Halloweens.



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