Halloween Craft Ideas: Witch Silhouette Throw Pillow

Decorative accent pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to add a touch of Halloween charm to your home. Whether you are decorating for a party or just the season, this easy and adorable witch silhouette throw pillow project is a perfect craft.

For this project, you will need:

– One small square throw pillow

– Black zippered throw pillow cover to fit the throw pillow (available at many home d├ęcor and craft supply shops)

– Clip art of a witch silhouette (available from clip art disks and rights free clip art websites)

– Computer

– Printer

– Iron on transfer paper for printing on (available at craft supply and office supply stores)

– Iron

– Ironing board

– Twelve inch square of bright orange cotton fabric

– Twelve inch square of bright green cotton fabric

– Fabric scissors

– Spray adhesive

– Newspaper or large drop cloth

With a computer and printer, print out the witch silhouette design onto the iron on transfer paper. This design can be found from a wide variety of sources including rights free clip art websites, clip art disks, or even design your own in a photo editing software program.

Heat up the iron. Transfer the image onto the square of bright orange cotton fabric. Allow the fabric to cool completely. Cut out the design around the edges, leaving a half inch border of blank space around the design.

Cover your work area with a few sheets of old newspaper or a large plastic or fabric drop cloth. (This will keep any adhesive from covering your work area.) Spray the back of the orange fabric design with spray adhesive. Place onto the center of the bright green cotton fabric square. Smooth the fabric with your fingers to prevent any wrinkling. Cut out the design from the green fabric, allowing an additional half inch of the green fabric to show around the edge of the glued on orange design. If desired, repeat this orange and green layering process additional times for a retro style.

Spray the back of the fabric piece again with spray adhesive. Adhere to the black throw pillow cover and again smooth with your fingers. Let the adhesive dry before inserting the square throw pillow and zippering shut.

TIP: This is a great way to spruce up throw pillows you use in your household all year long with a Halloween twist! Any spooky Halloween clip art will do, so consider using other designs to create an entire set of festive pillows.

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