Halloween Craft Project 2 – Halloween BOO! Photo Blocks

A Fun, Decorative Photo Holder for Halloween

These Halloween BOO! Photo Blocks are an easy-to-paint Halloween craft project for everyone in your family. Children will love painting these. The curled wire in the top of the blocks will hold your special Halloween photos. Make it a family Halloween craft project this year.

Materials to Make The Halloween BOO! Photo Blocks

2.5² x 3² wooden blocks made from a 2″x 4″ – sanded smooth with a hole drilled in top

Orange (I used DecoArt Americana Georgia Clay), black, brown, and white acrylic paints

½” Flat brush or sponge brush

Stencil brush

2″ Alphabet stencils

Checkerboard stencil

Small wooden ghost (available at craft stores)

Tiny fabric bow


Wire and wire cutters

White glue

Halloween Craft Project Step #1 – Painting The Wooden Blocks

Paint the wooden blocks – 2 black and 2 orange. Let dry. Sand the edges of the blocks so the wood shows through. After sanding, wipe all of the wooden blocks with a damp cloth to clean off sawdust.

Halloween Craft Project Step #2 – Lettering The Wooden Blocks

Alphabet stencils are available at craft stores, hardware stores and online. The 2″ stencils used on these wooden blocks, “Typewriter” Alphabet, are from Delta Creative.

Center each letter on the wooden blocks. The letters are stenciled with white acrylic paint.

Halloween Craft Project Step #3 – Painting Wooden Block #4

First, stencil an orange checkerboard to a black wooden block. Paint a small wooden ghost with white acrylic paint. Use a toothpick to ‘paint’ the black eyes, mouth, and eyebrows. Add small orange circles for cheeks. Let dry. Antique with brown acrylic paint. Glue on a small fabric bow. Glue finished ghost to the wooden block.

Halloween Craft Project Step #4 – Finishing the Wooden Blocks

Cut 4 – 12″ long pieces of wire. Twist 2 of these pieces of wire together until you have about 4″- 5″ of wire left at the end. Curl each single strand of wire into a small circle to hold your photos. Add a short piece of wire to the bottom of each wired piece to hold another photo.

Make the wired pieces for the other 2 wooden blocks shorter. Repeat the directions above to make these.

Glue the wired pieces into drilled holes in top of each wooden Halloween BOO! Photo Blocks. Add your family photos and enjoy your new Halloween craft project.

Happy Halloween!


Personal crafting experience
See my article Get Creative With Stenciling for stenciling how-tos.



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