Halloween Craft Projects for Children

Halloween is a great holiday, especially for kids. It is a great opportunity for your kids to get creative and have fun. Halloween is a traditional holiday where children dress up in costumes and go door to door to people’s houses asking for candy.

1. Candy Carrier

This is a cool project and it is a lot of fun. First, you need a sturdy shopping bag, construction paper, scissors, glue, pencil, and a ruler. Once you have the materials, you want to cover the bag with black construction paper. Use your ruler to measure the bag, so when you cut out the construction paper, it’s the right size. Now when you have finished gluing the paper on all sides of the bag, take the orange construction paper and draw a pumpkin and cut it out and paste it in the middle on one of the sides of the bag. Repeat that step one more time but instead glue the pumpkin on the opposite side of the bag that you glued the other one. The last step is to use the orange construction paper and draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the pumpkin. Once you have them drawn, then cut them out and paste them on the pumpkins and you’re ready to go.

2. Paper Plate Pumpkins

This is a really simple project. Before you begin you will need a few paper plates, markers or crayons, popsicle sticks, and glue. First, draw your eyes, nose, and mouth on the paper plate. Then color the rest of the plate orange and your done. Now you can pin it anywhere on your walls for decoration. There very easy to make so do as many as you like.

3. Paper Lantern

You will need small brown paper bags, scissors, a pencil, and candles. First, take a brown paper bag and with a pencil draw a spooky face on it – eyes, nose, and mouth. Then, with scissors cut them out and your done. When it gets dark, place a candle in the bag and get help from an adult to light it and then you have your homemade lantern. Also, if you make more of them, you can place them along your driveway and make a cool spooky path for Halloween.

4. Ghost Lollipops

Make a spooky sweet treat with ghost lollipops. All you need is a bag of lollipops, a pack of tissues, a marker, and some string. First, take a lollipop and place a tissue over the top of it and then take a piece of string about two inches long and tie the tissue onto the lollipop. Then with a marker draw two eyes and a mouth and there is your ghost.

5. Paper Plate Spider

Before you start, you will need a paper plate, glue, a black marker, a sharp pencil, black construction paper, scissors, and a long piece of string. First, with a sharp pencil poke two holes in the middle of the paper plate. Next, color both sides of the paper plate with the black marker. Then, take the black construction paper and cut 8 strips for the spider’s legs and then fold each strip about ten times. Once you complete that, glue the eight spider legs on the edge of the plate. Finally take a long piece of string and put it through the two holes so you can hang it from the ceiling.

6. Flying Bat

All you need for this project is black construction paper, a pencil, scissors, glue, and string. First, draw a pair of bat wings and a bat body on the black construction paper. Then, cut them out and glue the wings onto the body. Next, poke a couple holes through the middle of your bat to put the string through. Once you have put the string through you are ready to let it dangle from the ceiling. This is a great Halloween decoration and it is very simple to make.

7. Ghost Balloon

Some things that you will need for this project are scissors, a white balloon, two white plastic grocery bags, tape, and a black marker. First, blow up the white balloon. Then with the black marker, draw two eyes and a mouth on the balloon. Next, take the white grocery bags and cut off all the handles. Once you have completed that, then use the scissors to cut strips in the plastic bag but keep the seam at the bottom of the bag intact. Do the same thing to the other bag. The last step is to tape the plastic bags (seams up) around the bottom of the balloon. This ghost makes a perfect decoration and it flies great.

8. Halloween Chain Links

For this project you will need lots of black and orange construction paper, scissors, and glue. The first thing you have to do is take the black and orange construction paper and cut them into strips about eight inches long. Then, take one of the black strips and glue one end to the other end, so that you make a circle. Next, take one of the orange strips and glue the two ends inside the black circle you made so that they are linked together. Repeat those steps, until you have made about four feet of chain links. Remember to alternate between the orange and black construction paper. Then you can hang that anywhere you please.

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