Halloween Crafts for Adults

Halloween is a great time for kids to get crafty, but it’s not always about them. Sometimes we adults like to have fun and get crafty, too. If you’re looking to get your hands messy (or not!) at the crafting table, look into a few of these ideas, just for starters. When it comes to crafts for us adults, sometimes we just have to look inside ourselves and find the inner child!

  1. Popculture Pumpkins: Sure, the traditional jack-o-lanterns are great and easy for the kids, but if you’ve got a skilled hand and an eye for detail, try carving out some famous faces. You could try anything from President Obama to one of the Kardashians, Cher to Bart Simpson. I guarantee your work will garner some second glances from trick-or-treaters of all ages this Halloween!
  2. Decorative Candy Corn: Making your own decorative candy corn is super easy. It’s so easy, in fact, that the kids could probably help. It is a little time consuming, though, and can take some patience. But it’s fun for parents to add their own Halloween decorations to what’s already around the house, and these look pretty cool sitting by a doorway or on the front porch. For this one, you just need some glue, a floral cone, and yellow, white and orange yarn. All you do is tightly wrap the yarn around the cone, gluing it in place as you go and leaving no gaps. When you’re done, you’ll have giant, decorative candy corns.
  3. Crocheted Trick-or-Treat Bag/Basket: If you have kids or grandkids trick-or-treating this year, consider crocheting a neat, homemade, perhaps personalized trick-or-treat bag or basket. Make it shaped like a pumpkin, or incorporate some other Halloween symbol on it. The kids will love putting their Halloween candy in something personalized especially for them.
  4. Terracotta Pumpkins: This is a really simple way to add a little more Halloween festiveness to your decorations. Turn some terracotta pots upside down and paint jack-o-lantern faces on them. You can paint them orange first if you prefer, or just leave them in their original orangy color and paint (or draw) the faces on in black.
  5. Candle Cut-Outs: On a piece of paper, draw and then cut out Halloween shapes (pumpkins, witches, broom sticks, Frankenstein, etc.) Once they’re cut out, wrap them around a candle holder and secure with clear tape. Light the candle and watch the fun Halloween shapes come to life on your walls!



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