Halloween Crafts for Kids: Create Your Own Halloween Sticker Cards

Add Some Color to Your Halloween Cards

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays; decorating the windows, making spooky snacks, going to parties and handing out treats are just some of the things that happen each and every year. One thing that I always try to have around are craft related things for kids. Sometimes they get bored with games or watching movies so having something like the Dover Create Your Own Halloween Sticker Cards can be a nice switch up for them. There’s no need to cut anything out and even if this is all that you have for them to work with, they are still going to have a lot of fun. Of course, you can break out your craft box and let them use things like glitter, sequins, glow in the dark paint or whatever you feel is age appropriate.

What do you get with this? Two cards and sixteen stickers. The cards are pretty nice and thick enough that they can be mailed but you will have to find or make an envelope for them because they are not supplied with this project book. Both cards are nice looking but I fell on love with the purple frame with black bats. The other card is equally cool and decked out with skulls, skeletons and crossbones. You could use that for a pirate themed card if you want but it will work equally well for Halloween.

As far as the stickers are concerned, they come off the sheet easily but they are a one time use thing so make sure you tell your child that once they put them on the paper, that is where they are staying. The stickers include bats, a witch on a broomstick, pumpkins, spider webs, a moon, spooky black cat, tombstone and the usual “Boo” and “Happy Halloween” text stickers. There are more than enough stickers to fill up both cards and I like the way that these challenge kids to try to come up with the best or most creative design possible.

About the only downside is that you need to buy envelopes or make your own. You do have a lot of options here; there is a product called Create-A-Lope that allows you to take pretty much any type of paper and make it into an envelope. After you make it just use tape or a glue stick to seal the edges and you have a cool looking envelope. Another option is to ask if they sell left over cards at your local stationery store. It’s a nice way to get some extras or replacements but you might want to trace out the size of the cards you are needing envelopes for so you can get something as close as possible to it.

If you have a lot of scrap card stock laying around you could make your own card blanks but the Create Your Own Halloween Sticker Cards kit does help give younger kids some ideas but at the same time they have creative freedom to put the stickers where ever they want. Look at it this way, you are going to get two hand made cards from this kit, that’s about the same price as what you would spend on one greeting card; granted, you do have to make an envelope or buy some blank ones but even so, it’s still a great craft project for kids.

Pros: Two cards, sixteen stickers, inexpensive, easy to use.
Cons: Some of the stickers are a little hokey.
The Bottom Line: A great inexpensive addition to the Little Activity series of Halloween themed books

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