Halloween Crafts for Kids: Pony Bead Bracelet Kit

Small craft kits for Halloween often leave much to be desired. Kid Craft created a very cute, fun-to-make Halloween themed bracelet kit that little boys and girls will love making. The kit includes twelve individually packaged bracelet components that you can hand out to trick-or-treaters, use in goodie bags or stuff into a piñata. It is also a nice alternative to having tons of sugar-filled treats and in case you have kids with food allergies.

Each kit contains the supplies needed to make a complete bracelet including black elastic cording, alphabet beads that spell out “Happy Halloween”, yellow, black and orange pony beads and a foam style character cut out charm. The character charms include candy corn, smiling ghosts and happy pumpkins. All of the kits are prepackaged so you don’t have to dole out the goodies. They can be used in treat bags or piñatas but I do suggest making copies of the instructions and taping them to the bags so that kids will know exactly how to make the bracelets and tie them off so they don’t fall apart when they go to put them on and wear them.

These are extremely easy to make but they are not for younger kids; Kid Craft suggests that this kit be used by those ages six and over but even then I would strongly suggest parental supervision. Stringing the beads is not hard at all; the ends of the elastic cord doesn’t fray but there may be excess cording that will need to be trimmed by an adult. Because the items for the bracelets are packaged individually there is less of a chance of kids fighting over the contents. If you have extra pony beads around (especially glow in the dark ones), kids can use those for a little extra color.

Since these are a seasonal item they may be hard to find in retail stores before the beginning of October. The upside is that you can stock up on them after the holiday and store them away for the following year. Since this isn’t an edible item there is no expiration date on it so any that you have left over or find on clearance can be used the following season. I bought several kits for $1.50 each after the holiday and plan on using a few of the bracelet kits to make picture frame embellishments. Just make the bracelet as you normally would but don’t tie it off. Use a strong craft glue that dries clear and apply it to the edges of the frame and press the bracelet into it. Allow it to dry for at least 24 hours. If you notice any sealed white spots of glue that didn’t dry, use a pin to poke a hole in it so that it will harden and turn clear.



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