Halloween Crafts: Glittered Jar Centerpiece

Finding a simple and creative Halloween centerpiece idea can be tough. Thankfully, this Halloween craft features items that you probably already have around your home.

For this project, you will need (per jar):

– One large glass jar

– Soap and water

– Paper towels

– Painter’s tape

– Spray adhesive

– Glitter in orange, black, green, or purple

– Candy to fill the jar (optional)

– Newspaper and/or a large drop cloth

Begin this festive project by first covering your work area with a few sheets of old newspaper and/or a large sized drop cloth. Wash the jar well with soap and water. If there is any remaining residue left on the jar, make sure you remove it. Dry the glass with paper towels until all moisture has dissipated.

Cover the outside of the top half of the jar with painter’s tape. This will be the area in which you DO NOT want glitter to ultimately be. Leave as much open and uncovered space on the jar as you wish there to be glitter. (For an additional design, consider cutting out shapes to leave exposed, such as a Jack-O-Lantern, Witch Silhouette, or Skull and Crossbones design.)

Spray the uncovered glass with spray adhesive. Immediately roll the jar in the glitter color of your choosing until the non-taped area is completely covered. If needed, keep applying adhesive and glitter to add sparkle to the jar. Dry for two hours before peeling off the tape. Fill with your favorite candy.

TIP: This centerpiece is easily done with a collection of jars instead of just a singular one. For example, create one jar in orange glitter, one jar in black glitter, one jar in purple glitter, etc. Arrange them together as a grouping in the center of your table or on a mantle space. In addition, you can also add candles to the jars instead of candy. Or, fill with other favorite snacks for your Halloween party food table. This fun and festive design works well for a wide number of different uses, so get creative in how you decorate!



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