Halloween Crafts: Halloween Window Clings

Decorate your windows this Halloween with homemade window clings. These are fun and easy to make!

To make your Halloween window cling start with a sheet of wax paper laid across your work space. Using a bottle of glue, draw the outline of a shape on your wax paper. Your shape could be a crescent moon, a pumpkin, a witch on a broomstick, or any other creation you like.

Start by drawing the outline of your design with your glue. Then go back and fill in all the open spaces with glue. The glue should be about one sixteenth to one eighth of an ink deep. If you prefer your design to be in color instead of plain white you can add food color to the glue before you start putting it on the wax paper.

To color your glue just add a few drops of food dye to a bit of glue in a container that you can throw away, such as a paper or plastic disposable cup. Stir it around with a toothpick until the color is smooth and even, and then bend your disposable cup to form a spout that you can draw with.

After your design is filled in with glue you can add any little extras you would like to your design. For instance, you might want to add sparkles, beads, or little foam shapes. Add whatever you would like. Be creative.

Your Halloween window clings will need to dry at least over night, so that the thickness of the glue dries all the way through. If you live in a very humid area, it may need to dry a full day or so. So, be sure to start a day or so before Halloween, just in case.

Once your window clings are completely dry carefully peel away the wax paper. On the smoothest side of your cling, (that’s the side that was against the wax paper), dampen them just a bit and then stick them against your windows. Smooth them out and they will stick to the glass.

Your Halloween window clings will stay on the glass a long time by themselves. If they do fall down, just dampen them a bit more and stick them back up. Once you are done with them for the season, carefully peel them away and store them for next year. If there is any reside on your windows from your glue it will wipe off with a paper towel and window cleaner.

Happy Halloween!

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