Halloween Crafts–Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Decorating is Inexpensive and Easy with These Halloween Ideas

Kids, and adults alike, share a love of Halloween festivities. Trick-or-Treating, Fall Festivals, costumes and ghosts and goblins add fun to the fall season. To add an extra touch of creativity, try the following easy craft decorating projects this Halloween season. They are inexpensive, will last for years to come, and kids will enjoy participating.

All supplies can be purchased in super center craft departments or craft supply stores.

Craft #1
Standing Ghosts

1 yard of white cotton material for each ghost (you’ll want to make at least 6)
Black Sharpie marker
Orange raffia
½”X36″ dowel for each ghost

1. Lay the yard of white material flat on the floor. Crumble up newspaper large enough to form the ghost’s head and place it in the middle of the material.
2. Stick the dowel all the way up through the newspaper and flip the ghost so that it is standing up.
3. Secure the material at the ghost’s neck with about 15 strands of the orange raffia tied in a knot and then in a bow.
4. Use the black Sharpie marker to draw the ghost’s eyes and mouth.
5. By pushing the dowels securely in the ground, arrange the ghosts in a row, about three feet apart, going along the length of your driveway, side walk, or flower bed. Use your imagination!

These ghosts will most likely only last for one Halloween season, but you can save the dowels and the marker and just replace the material next year.

Craft #2
Ghost Wreath

1–12″-18″ circular foam wreath frame (your choice of size)
¼ yard black cotton material torn into long 1″ wide strips
Several wooden ghost cutouts
White acrylic paint
Spray or brush on varnish
Black Sharpie marker
Orange raffia for bow
Hot glue gun

1. Wrap black material strip around wreath frame until you have covered it completely. When you come to the end of a strip, secure with hot glue and continue with a new strip until the entire wreath is covered with material.
2. Paint the wooden ghosts white. When completely dry, use the black Sharpie marker to add facial features. Cover with a coat of varnish to protect it from the outdoor elements.
3. Hot glue the ghosts to the bottom of the wreath.
4. Using at least 15 strands of the raffia, form a large bow. Attach the bow to the top of the wreath.
5. Hang the wreath on your front door.

As always, adult supervision and care is required when children are involved in crafting with adults.

Happy Halloween!

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