Halloween Crafts

It can be difficult to find fun, creative crafts and games to do with your kids at Halloween. I have a few crafts from my youth that my mother taught me that are still a lot of fun for kids today, and inexpensive as well! Things may get a little bit messy, but that is the best part! These are also things that you can do at a child’s Halloween party because they are easy and fun in groups as well.

The first Halloween craft is the Tissue Ghost. All you need for this Halloween craft is tissues, yarn or string, and markers. Ball up one tissue, and then wrap another tissue around the ball and tie it with a string, so it looks like a head and a ghost-y body. Let your child use markers to make a face, and the string can be tied in a loop. My sister and I used to love making a bunch of these and hanging them on a tree for an easy outside Halloween decoration!

Another great Halloween craft is the time-honored tradition of the Jack-O-Lantern. Around Halloween, pumpkins are very inexpensive and you can find them everywhere. Unless your children are older, it would be wise to do the carving yourself. Carve out the top, and let your child have fun making a mess with all the insides of the pumpkin. Let them dredge it out into a bowl, and then help them carve a face into it. Once it’s dry, set it outside with a tea light so you will have a Jack-O-Lantern guarding your house at night!

For a Halloween snack idea, you can take the pumpkin seeds and set them out on tinfoil to dry. Salt and roast them for a few minutes and you’ve got an easy, healthy Halloween snack for the kids!

Along the same vein, another pumpkin Halloween craft is painting pumpkins. This one is a little less messy, as long as you lay down some newspaper on the table and supervise the painting. Give your children a pumpkin and let them paint faces or scenes on the pumpkins to display outside for the neighbors! As I said before, pumpkins at this time of year are very inexpensive and easy to find, so stock up on them for Halloween fun.

One of my favorite Halloween games is a blindfolded sensory game. First, you make a bowl of spaghetti and chill it, and make sure to put olive oil in the bowl to keep it slippery. Then, peel a bunch of grapes and place them in a bowl with some pudding. Then, put some pork rinds in another bowl. Lastly, place a bunch of Vienna sausages in a bowl. Place blindfolds on the children and tell them a creepy yet simple story of how you cut up a person and these are the brains, eyeballs, skin, and fingers. Then take the blindfold off so they can see that it is not true!

Another very fun Halloween game is bobbing for apples. It is old fashioned, but it ends up with everyone laughing! Just get a large bucket or kiddie pool and fill it with water and apples. Whoever can grab the most apples with their teeth wins! A good prize for this game is candy bars, of course.

Finally, a wonderful Halloween craft is a spider! This requires googly eyes, black pipe cleaners, some black paint, foam balls (one small and one large), one toothpick, and a little bit of glue. Have your child paint the foam balls black and allow them to dry. Next, use the toothpick to attach the large ball to the small one to make the body and head. Then, cut four of the pipe cleaners in half, and stick 4 legs on each side, bent in crazy ways. Then, glue the googly eyes on and you are done! This Halloween craft is great for decorating the house. You can make a bunch of scary spiders and place them in every room!

I hope you enjoy doing these Halloween crafts and games with your children this year.



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