Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas for Kids

Halloween Cupcake Decorating Idea 1: Ghost Face Cupcakes

You’ll need:
Cupcakes (any flavor)
White Frosting
Chocolate Chips or Black Licorice

Have kids frost cupcakes with white frosting and use chocolate chips to make eyes and mouths for the ghost face. Older kids can use a frosting bag to swirl the frosting up an inch or so and decorate the side with a face. If you need to take a chocolate allergy into consideration, an adult an cut black licorice into small pieces to be used as eyes and mouth.

Halloween Cupcake Decorating Idea 2: Boo! Cupcakes

You’ll need:
Cupcakes (any flavor)
White frosting
Chocolate frosting (optional)
Food coloring
Cake decorating bag with tip or sandwich bag*

This is an especially good activity for 3-7 year-olds who are learning their letters.

Frost cupcakes with a Halloween colored frosting- white, brown (chocolate), purple, orange, or green. Use a contrasting color to write on your cupcakes.

Line up four frosted cupcakes and have the kids write “B” on the first one, “O” on the next two, and “!” on the last one. (It takes a lot of fine motor skill control to write on cupcakes, so encourage younger kids to write just one letter on each cupcake.) Older kids might be able to put words like “ghost”, “black cat”, or “Trick or Treat” on the cupcakes.

Halloween Cupcake Decorating Idea 3: Bloody Eyeball Cupcakes

You’ll need:
Red velvet cupcakes
white frosting
red food coloring
cake decorating bag with tip or sandwich bag*
Hershey’s Kisses

Frost cupcakes with white frosting and press an unwrapped chocolate kiss in the middle. (This is the “pupil of the eye. You may want to press the kiss in upside down if the frosting is thick enough.)

Take a little of the extra white frosting and color it red. Put the red frosting in the cake decorating or sandwich bag.

Starting at the “pupil” make red squiggly lines to the outer edge of the cupcake to look like bloodshot eyeballs. (Don’t overdo it- three to five lines on each cupcake is good.)

You could use any flavor cupcake for this, but it’s more fun to use red velvet because it makes it look “bloody” inside, too.

*If you don’t have a cake decorating bag, you can use a sandwich bag instead. Hold the sandwich bag so that one of the bottom corners is facing down, and fill about a third of the way up with frosting. Seal the bag, locking out excess air. Cut a little less than a quarter inch of the bottom corner in a diagonal. Now you can use the sandwich bag just like a cake decorating bag. Be sure to use both hands- one to hold the bag just above the frosting (to keep air bubbles out) and the other to guide open end.

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