Halloween Decor Monstrosity

Not so Crafty Mom on Pinterest

Last Halloween, we were headed to a Trunk-or-Treat party. The idea is to decorate the trunk of your car and hand out Halloween candy in a parking lot to provide a safe trick-or-treating experience for the kids. In my determination to win the prize for best decorated trunk, I, of course, turned where every mom does for the best ideas, Pinterest. Searching through all the Halloween ideas, I came across the commonly pinned “glowing balloons.” This appeared to be an easy way to create an award winning, glowing sensation. After blowing up 25 balloons, inserting glow sticks in each one as instructed, I was ready to decorate.

I took my “glowing” balloons in a dark room, where I should’ve began this project, and was disappointed with the lack of “glow” this provided, not at all like the fabulous Pinterest images. Thinking I must have done something wrong, I returned to view more pins with similar instructions. Others recommended pouring the glowing solution into the balloons; these blogging moms must be genius I thought, because at this point, this sounded like a much better idea. I immediately began popping balloons to retrieve the failed glow sticks and cut them open. After pouring several glow sticks in the same balloon and turning the lights on and off after each one to test it, I quickly came to the conclusion that this pin needed to be deleted from my board! Whose idea was this and why did it seem to work for so many crafty blogging moms, and I couldn’t get even one balloon to glow? We ended with a mess and the only thing glowing were my hands. My trunk did not win an award that night but my chili cooking did!




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