Halloween Decorating for the Five Senses

It’s Halloween and you want your home to evoke the holiday. Here are some great ideas for filling all your senses with that Halloween spirit.

Visual elements are easy. You can take the cute route with sweet smiling witches and playful ghosts. Or try a creepy look with spiderwebs and skeletons. Cheap decorations are easy to find at most superstores like Target and Walmart. You can get window clings or pictures to hang. There are three dimensional decorations for your tables. Give ordinary elements a festive touch. Try a Halloween themed tablecloth on the kitchen table or an orange lightbulb in the hall. If you prefer something more natural you can try decorating with pumpkins, goards, and corn from your local farmer’s market.

Give your visual elements extra punch by considering the tactile elements as well. Go for items with texture. A furry black cat by the door or a sticky spiderweb will make more of an impression than a smooth wall hanging. Natural decorations like dried corncobs have a fun texture too.

You can have a lot of fun making your home spooky by using sound. You can buy a CD with scary music and play it as guests arrive. Some decorations are available that make noise and come alive at the press of button or when motion is detected. This can be a delightful surprise for unexpecting children. You could even go a little lo-tech and just stop oiling the hinges so your doors make that horrible squeaking noise.

Smell is often considered the strongest sense linked to memory. Quickly evoke feelings of past Halloweens by spraying your home with a pumpkin aerosol spray. You can also use candles if you prefer. Remember if you use an aerosol to spray before your guests arrive with enough time for the scent to disperse so it is not too strong.

Halloween would not be complete without that most important element: taste. You can bake pumpkin dishes galore and it will add to the pumpkin smell in your home. While you may prefer to stick to sweet pumpkin desserts, there are many creative meals that involve pumpkin as a main ingredient. Don’t forget the candy. Fill bowls with candy for your guests and make sure to offer a variety of flavors.

Making your home Halloween ready does not need to be expensive. You just need to think with all five senses and before you know it your home will be Halloween central.

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