Halloween Decorating for the Yard

Halloween Decorating for the Yard – Children always seem to enjoy decorating the yard with the pumpkin and spider leaf bags that they fill with yard leaves. Yard art is another favorite that now comes in a wide variety of Halloween ideas and themes. You can purchase them premade or you can create your own. The ever popular setting up of freshly carved pumpkins and spiders of different colors and sizes on their webs is another way children can help or let us not forget the ‘graveyard’. Creating creepy and wacky tombstones has always been a favorite of mine.

If painting is your forte, than why don’t you try painting your windows as part of the Halloween Decorating for the Yard celebration. Paint butternut gourds all white with black facial expressions and place them around the yard for a ‘ghostly’ effect.

Corn stalks and a few bales of hay or stray are also a welcome feature for Halloween Decorating the Yard. They can always be a nice and simple way to show off newly carved pumpkins and potted mums or maybe even a scarecrow or two. Try lining your sidewalk with white bags, that have Halloween decorations drawn on them and then set candles inside votives inside of them for an illuminated walkway.

You can also decorate the yard for Halloween with an assortment of lighting features. Mini lights now come in Halloween colors or you can buy Halloween themed light displays that attach to your windows with suction cups.

One of the best Halloween Ideas I ever did see was an eerie water garden. The orange lighting was very fitting surrounding this mini water garden as its waterfall poured blood red water over the rocks there were eyeballs and plastic body parts such as ears and fingers floating freely throughout the pond at the bottom. Sitting beside the pond on a little garden bench, minding his own, business was a skeleton enjoying the garden.

From flowers, to gourds, and pumpkins, to bats, spiders, skeletons, bugs and eerie Halloween lighting Halloween Decorating for the Yard can be an entertainingly frightful event for the young and old alike. When you actually stop to sit and think of all the things we now associate with Halloween and the autumn season it is really not all that difficult to come up with numerous ways to decorate your yard for Halloween. All you really need to do is let your imagination run wild.



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