Halloween Decorating: Gigantic Lawn Spider Made Out of Simple Trash Bags

Halloween decorating can be so easy to do. And one of my favorite spooky tricks or treats is this spider. I christened this spooky, spindly legged beast as a lawn spider, but you could probably have him sitting just right inside the front door, or even sitting in a chair depending how big you stuff his body. But this mammoth spider is mostly made of large black plastic bags. If you have him sitting in your front lawn, then sit him on a pile of leaves. And you can even make a web made out of clothesline rope. I like to glue fake bugs in his web. Fake bugs give this Halloween decorating lots of charm.

What you will need:

  • Dry Leaves or Newspapers
  • Black Electrical Tape
  • 3 Large Red Plastic Drink Cups
  • 18 or So Large Black Trash Bags
  • Clothesline Rope or Something Just as Good

First you want to make the spider’s body so just stuff 1 trash bag with dry leaves or even crumpled up newspapers. Then you tie the bag closed and turn to the side or even upside down. Turning your spider’s body upside down will keep any kind of rain from leaking inside his body.

To make his head, you just take a second bag and stuff it not so fill as the body. And you tape the body and head together. Now for his legs, you make the first leg by rolling up two trash bags together lengthwise and wrap them with black tape. You can tape the top, bottom and two parts of his leg to make him look like he has knee joints. Then you keep rolling legs, seven more should do just fine in the same manner.

Next you cut 4 holes in each side of the spider’s body, insert the legs and tape the leg to the body making sure there is no open entry point for rain to leak into. Now for his beady red eyes, you take two red cups and cut off or color the white rim and then tape them to the spider’s body.

Next you cut two triangles out of the third cup and place his white fangs where his mouth should be. To really finish off a nice Halloween decorating look, place your spider on top of a pile of dried leaves and then knot together the clothes line at points making his spider’s web. Now like with all spiders, you have to wait and see if any curious trick or treaters actually walk up close to him.

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