Halloween Decorating Ideas: Anti-Halloween

How to Decorate when You Do Not Want to Celebrate the “holiday”

Many people, especially Christians have a huge dilemma when Halloween comes around. While they do not want to discourage or put down their neighbors from having Halloween fun, they do not want to acknowledge or celebrate Halloween. In addition, many Christians, while they may not go out and trick-or-treat, can take advantage of this Halloween tradition. They can bless their neighbors with candy, scriptures and encouraging notes.

These Anti Halloween Decorating tips will help your decorate for Halloween without paying homage to the ghosts, goblins, and other things that are unsettling to you.

Anti Halloween Decorating Idea #1

Overall fall Décor: Take advantage of the natural foliage all around you. Rake up leaves into large piles. Add hay bales to your arrangement, or underneath to make your leaf piles super big. Add a simple wooden arrow sign that says “Treats This Way”. Display simple uncut arrangement of pumpkins in your yard as well.

Anti Halloween Decorating Idea #2

Bless all who enter: Instead of hanging angels and spider webs over your door, with a talking hand to scare visitor’s way, do the opposite instead. Hang lighted angels and a curtain of silver tinsel for them to walk through instead. Record a blessing attached to a motion sensor or play inspirational music from a boom box on your porch. If you do not want to give out money, have a basket full of treats and a note that says, “God is watching, please take 1”.

Anti Halloween Decorating Idea #3

Celebrate Thanksgiving early: Since Thanksgiving seems to get lost in the shuffle between Christmas and Halloween; perhaps you should consider decorating for Thanksgiving instead. Hang an arrangement of Indian corn on your door, with yard ornaments in the shape of Pilgrims, Indians, and Turkeys. These can be painted on plywood panels and cut out. Display grouping of fruits, vegetable and gourds as well.

Anti Halloween Decorating Idea #4

Nothing scary: Keep your Anti Halloween décor as cheery as possible. Cut hearts into your pumpkins and insert candles. Use smiling Scarecrows dressed in cheery outfits. Light your entry well with lots of white icicle type lights (this will give you a head start on Christmas decorating) Dress up in fun costumes like a banana, or a ballerina. This is also a great theme for an Anti Halloween party.

Anti Halloween Decorating Idea #5

Story theme: Transform your yard and house exterior into a scene children’s book, like The Wizard of Oz, for example. Pay your kid a couple of dollars and a bucket of leather chalk and have them transform the driveway. Find life-sized cutouts of the move Characters.




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