Halloween Decorating Ideas for the House

Halloween Decorating Ideas for the House – You will need a nice supply of orange, red and black candles in various shapes and sizes spread throughout the house. Put them up by themselves or place them inside different shaped glass jars or maybe even different colored glass goblets. Hang various lengths of black and orange crepe paper from the ceiling or attach a variety of bugs and spiders to fishing line and hang from the ceiling. Be sure to put one in the entry way by the front door.

To set a Halloween tone, have Halloween music and eerie noises playing softly in the background. Do not forget to hang the ever popular cobwebs and spider of various colors and sizes in corners and hanging off of entertainment centers, bookshelves and framed photos.

A few easy things that children enjoy doing to help Halloween Decorating in the House are window clings. They come in a large assortment of Halloween themes and can be put on windows, mirrors, shower doors and such. Kids also enjoy filling different sized glass jars with fake spiders, worms, eyeballs, bugs and etc. They can set them in different places around the house. Another thing that they can also fill are small animal cages. Maybe a mini skeleton in a bird cage or maybe pack an insect carrier full of plastic eyeballs.

For entertaining in the dining room try placing a spider web tablecloth on the table with a few random spiders here and there. Maybe you will even trade your everyday curtains in for a spider web set.

A nice centerpiece for the table is an oval shaped wicker basket filled with a random assortment of mini pumpkins, gourds, candles, dried sunflower heads and other silk flower heads. For smaller areas, cut the tops off of mini pumpkins and colorful gourds, clean the guts out and put bouquets of fresh flowers or silk flowers sticking out of the top of these creative mini vases.

If you are looking for something to help Halloween Decorating in the House another idea for your kitchen eating area is Halloween placemats. You can go to any store that sells placemats and purchase plain Halloween colored placemats and allow the children to let their imaginations go wild and decorate them with paints, stencils, stickers and permanent colored markers. Make it a family tradition to view the old ones and create new ones each year at Halloween.



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