Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Car

If Halloween is your favorite holiday, once you’ve decked out your home and costume, pimp your ride, as well. This Halloween, spread creepy joy wherever you go by decking out your car with one of these festive Halloween decorations.

Halloween Seat Covers

Halloween seat covers are a great idea for decorating your car because they’re stylish and functional. Protect your seats and send shivers down your neighbor’s spines with a creepy Halloween seat cover. Halloween seat covers are impossible to find, so this idea requires some artistic abilities. Find seats with flames and then draw or have someone more artistic than yourself draw what appears to be the top half of a body burning in the flames. Or design skeletons on a plain black seat cover. Or make ghosts out of white sheets and drape them over your seats. Another idea is black and orange seat covers, leopard print covers with blood spatters, handprints spattered in blood or claw slashes. These can also be drawn along the sides of your car.

Dangle Garlic

Another quick idea for transforming your car this Halloween is to dangle garlic or tiny skeletons from your rearview mirror.

Car on Fire

This decorating idea can include painted flames along the back or black and orange streamers taped to the back. Again, you can add a half of a dummy that appears to be squirming in agony. Just make sure that your Halloween decorations don’t block your ability to see out of your windows. Or you can paint black smoke damage to make it look like it just came out of a fire.

Cobwebs in Windows

Cobwebs are another easy Halloween decorating idea that can be strewn across the dashboard, back seat or along the grill or trunk. Toss in some spiders, tiny birds and other creatures.

Stuffed Dummies or Skeletons in Backseat

Freak the neighborhood kids out with a creepy stuffed dummy placed in your passenger or backseat. You may even get to take advantage of the carpool lane (though do so at your own risk). If you don’t feel like stuffing a dummy, another idea is to place a life-sized skeleton in your passenger or backseat.

Halloween Magnets

Halloween magnets and vinyl stickers are an easy way to show your holiday spirit. Just be sure that any stickers you put up don’t block your view.


If you don’t want to go all out, one hassle-free idea for showing your Halloween spirit is to stick the Ghostbusters emblem on either side of your car.

Be sure to bump Halloween music when driving, though don’t be obnoxiously loud.




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