Halloween Decoration: How to Build a Cemetery in the Front Yard

Creep Your Neighbors with an Easy and Cheap Halloween Cemetery

A scary, foggy and creepy cemetery is the top one decoration for our front yard in Halloween. Building a fake cemetery for Halloween is not a difficult task, and with a little imagination and some handy techniques, it can be cheap and really cool.

As for any DIY project, the first thing we should do if we want a complete success is to elaborate a plan ahead. Let’s try to don’t leave anything in the air, because surprises change a fairly cheap and easy project into a nightmare black hole hungry for money.

So sit down and think what exactly what do you want to do, and draw it down. Take measurements, so you won’t waste money buying too much material or material which doesn’t fit. We should measure the perimeter of the front yard area where we want to place the cemetery, because that will be the size of the gate. For the cemetery’s gate we can choose different materials. The ideal way to get the gate is to buy it already made. Target sells beautiful gates for Halloween decoration, in a hard plastic that looks like old iron. We also can find them in the Halloween Spirit stores. If we want to make the gate ourselves, we may choose from different materials. The most expensive material is wood, and we will have to cut it in the gate’ shape. Cardboard would be much cheaper and easier, but it could be a problem in a wet or rainy location. I found out that the best material for make outdoor fall and winter projects is coroplast. Coroplast is a kind of plastic that is pretty easy to bend and cut. We can buy coroplast is sign stores, because it is used for real state signs, and it is pretty cheap. We will use coroplast for many parts of this Halloween decoration project.

With a permanent marker we should draw the gate’s shape in the coroplast, cut it and insert Popsicle sticks in the bottom part, to secure it to the ground. Insert a Popsicle stick for each ten inches of coroplast. I find easier to place tart in the ground after I secured the gate and paint it with spray in a glossy black color.

We can use more coroplast sheets to draw and cut the tombs, or buy them in the different stores which sell Halloween decorations. I love to place in my cemetery tombs with funny or scary inscriptions.

We can buy a couple of plastic skeletons, and disarm them, to place the bones semi buried around the tombs. We can get crazy and place in the ground skulls, spiders, or pumpkins. Don’t forget to go check in the Dollar Stores, the Dollar Tree sells beautiful gargoyles for one dollar each, they look very cool in the cemetery.

The fog is essential for making a creepy cemetery for Halloween. If our front yard is big, we may need two fog machines, each one costs around twenty dollars, the cheaper ones. We can’t forget to place around the tombs and over trees and bushes lots of spider webs. If we have trees we can hang bones from a skeleton.

Let fly your imagination and fill the gate with the scariest stuff you can think about. Halloween is the time to build the creepy things that our dark side suggests, don’t hold them.

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