Halloween Decoration Ideas: Spooky Street Light

Available at Michael’s Craft Store

Halloween is coming, it’s right around the corner, and now is the time to start shopping for that Halloween party you may be planning. Last year I was not expecting to find much at my local Michael’s craft store when it came to neat Halloween decorations.

I was however, very surprised to come across quite a few really neat decorations for the home. One piece that really tickled my fancy was the Spooky Street Light. The lamp itself was on display in the store, and looked like something fresh out of the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The black pole that should have been straight was deformed and curved in an odd Willy Wonka world type way. The lamp looked Victorian, old, and best of all creepy. The bulb inside of the lamp did not just light up, it flickered for a really neat look to it.

The lamp itself is also splashed with black and gold glitter to really allow it to sparkle on a fall night. At the bottom of the lamp there is molded on a tin black cat with its hair up in fright. This years model they have for sale though holds a sign.

The lamp came in a large box, and to be honest it was a real pain in the butt to put it together. I assumed everything would just click in place, but things don’t just click in place, and you really should have 2 people working on it, because you could easily pinch your skin while putting it together.

The base of the lamp sits on the floor, at the bottom there is a plug in for the wall, and another wire you have to run through the tubing of the lamp in order to attach it to a piece that sits near the bulb. Trust me, it’s not an easy lamp to put together, and because of the odd shaped poles, it was difficult to figure out what went where.

After setting the lamp up I then had to figure out how to get the bulb in. It was too bad they didn’t just put it in for me. In order to get the bulb in, I had to carefully remove one of the lamps fogged panelings. This paneling is very fragile, and can break easily if you don’t take you time. Once I had the bulb in, I then had to carefully replace the panel without breaking it.

After about a half hour of cussing and band aids I finally had the lamp in one piece. Although everything was in the right slots, the lamp still felt wobbly, and not very durable. I assumed if someone knocked it over it would be history.

After set up was complete, the lamp stood tall at about 4 feet high. In the store it looked much larger and attractive only because they placed their’s on top of a plastic barrel. It gave it height, and made things look more dramatic. So I did the same. I used a small garbage pale and placed a black table cloth over it. I then placed the lamp on it.

I wanted to place the lamp on the front porch, but the box read that the lamp was meant for indoor use. I wanted it outside though, so I put it outside. I plugged the lamp and and it looked neat as hell. I feared someone stealing it at night, so before I went to bed every night, I would bring the lamp inside.

It is very lightweight, so moving it around is as easy as pie.

Overall it makes for an awesome lawn decoration or porch decoration, just bring it in at night or when it rains. It’s not meant to be out there; remember?
You will truly enjoy this piece if you decide to pick yourself up one.

You can purchase this awesome Halloween Spooky Street Light decoration at any local Michael’s craft store nearby. I have also seen them up for grabs on auction sites. They usually sell for around $29.99. In my opinion it’s well worth it. It really is quite the piece to add to your collection if your a Halloween junkie like me.



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