Halloween Decorations: Egg Carton Spiders

Halloween is right around the corner and soon preparations will begin. Decorating for Halloween is almost as fun as the actual holiday. Spiders are the creepiest of bugs and seem to pop up everywhere in Halloween decorations. Instead of buying the plastic spiders at the store, make your own spiders. It’s easy, quick, and it’s a lot more fun than paying for a bag of 10 plastic ones.

-cardboard egg carton
-black acrylic paint
-pipe cleaners
-googly eyes
-push pin or paper clip

1. Get the egg cartons that you are using, you can make as many of these as you like since they are so quick to make, and cut off each one of the cups so that they are no longer connected.

2. Get the black acrylic paint and the paintbrush and paint the egg carton cups. Paint both the inside and outside. Since black paint is usually pretty thick, you should not have to do a second coat, but you can if you want. Let the cups dry before moving on, because the next step requires you to touch them, and if you touch them while the paint is not dry, not only will you have paint on your fingers but you could leave fingerprints on your spiders.

3. Next get the paper clip or push pin, if you use the paper clip you will have to deform it so you can use on of these ends. Take the push pin or end of the paper clip and poke four holes on one side of the egg carton and four wholes on the opposite side.

4. Now on to the legs. To make the legs of the spider, take the pipe cleaners and cut them. There is no set length for the legs, whatever you feel would look best, but around seven inches is a good choice.

5. Once the pipe cleaners are cut at desired length, put one of the ends of the pipe cleaner through one of the holes and then out the corresponding hole on the other side of the egg carton. Make sure that the ends of the pipe cleaners that you can see are of even length on each side, or at least look like they are even.

6. When you have gotten the legs exactly where you want them, bend them so that they hold up the egg carton spider body. You can bend the middle of the pipe cleaner or the part closest to the the body, you can even bend them twice if you want. Figure out what looks good and go with it, you can also give your spiders different looks.

7. For the final step, add the eyes. Take the googly eyes and glue them on to whatever side you want to be the front of your spider. If you want to, you can paint them, it adds a bit of creativity to the spiders.

When you’re finished, place the spiders all over the house or even outside the house. You can put them up by themselves or have a whole group of them hanging around the same spot.

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