Halloween Decorations for Cheap

Fun Decoration Ideas for Those on a Budget

Creep your guest out with these fun and affordable Halloween decorations.

Spider Webs

A Halloween party would not be complete without the traditional decorative spider webs. These fake spider webs can be found at a great price in any store that sells Halloween themed supplies. These can be found for $1-$3 and each bag really goes a long way. The spider webs stretch and can be used around the entire room. You can create one large spider web in the corner of the wall and place a big fake spider in the middle. You can even use the spider webs to stretch over the table as an added decoration. Be sure to have those little black spider wings handy to stick on the webs.

Outdoor Cemetery

As your guest come to your home, they will be greeted with a cemetery in your front yard. Take poster board and cut decorate with markers to resemble headstones. You can write RIP, then the names of guests that are arriving at your party. You can use garden lights to illuminate the headstones so the guests can marvel at names they know in the cemetery. You can even stuff an old glove with newspaper and make it coming out of the ground.

Eerie Altar

You can create your own eerie altar with items already found in the home and a few cheap ones you can find in the store. Take a table and add a layer of boxes towards the back so that there is a three tier effect. Cover the boxes and table with black material, then a large white lacy material. If you do not have lace, use the spider webs from above. On each tier you’ll put different items such as black candles (or white candle spray painted black), a cauldron or an antique looking photo of someone who looks like they’d be a ghost today. Place other vintage items on there to make it look unique.


Give the illusion of fog by placing a bucket of dry ice near the entrance outdoors as guests walk in. A bag will only cost you around $3, so be sure to pick up a couple of them so they’ll last you awhile or you can place around the porch for extra effect.

Creepy Sounds

Decorating isn’t only about what is visual. It is also about the audio. Have a scary cd playing as people walk up to your home. This can be in a hidden place on the porch. Freak them out before they even step in! Or, something that is really scary is taking them off guard. If the guests have to use a hallway to get to the bathroom, play a scary audio clip in a nearby room where nobody is. They might get freaked out as they don’t expect to hear this. You can even use YouTube for free haunting audio clips to play on a loop on your computer.



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