Halloween Decorations for College Kids 101: Real Truth

Halloween is another good reason to party at college, right? So here are a few tips and trades to work with in that small desk drawer you pay over 7,000 to live in, called a dorm.

Decorate your dorm with the basics: Low lighting, or go the total opposite with colored lights. Try black Lighting, but boysmake sure you have clean sheets before using the black lighting( you’ll thank me). Put up, or leave up those Christmas lights you already probably have hanging. Now for actual decoration you can go to your local pharmacy and grocery store and get ripped off with their décor, or you can do the smart plan and go to the local dollar shop. Remember it’s only one day so don’t spend too much. Pick up some fake cob web, a plastic pumpkin, and even some candy.

For those of you with a creative side, try using what you have and draw decorations. Hang your décor on the outside of your door, and exploit it to the rest of your dorm mates. You may want to make a back up, because chances are it could be ripped down in a random drunken rage. (Remember it’s prob not personal… well it prob was, but who knows).

Make sure you don’t have anything that can cause a fire or electrical problems. Do not cause any harm to yourself in the process. There is no point to decorating if your going to get hurt. The most important thing is to have fun.

At least 1 of the following songs should be blasting out of your window during the daytime/eve. Yes I give you full permission to become “that douche” for a day.

  1. Thriller by Michael Jackson, 1982
    2. “Monster Mash” By Bobby Pickett and the Crypt Kickers. 1962.
    3.”I Put a spell on You” By the Animals, 1965.
    4. “Time Warp” From the Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie ,1975.
    5. “Don’t Fear the Reaper” By the Blue Oyster Cult, 1976.
    6. “The Devil went down to Georgia”, By Charlie Daniels Band, 1979.
    7. “Running with the Devil” by Van Halen, 1978.
    18. “Highway to Hell”, Kiss, 1979.

Real Tips*

-Focus more on what you’re wearing that night as oppose to what your room looks like.
-It’s better to spend your money on alcohol than room décor for this celebration.
-If you choose to leave a dish (do not use a glass one or one that has sentimental value; it will be ruined most likely) out with candy, why not add some condoms because half the people in your dorm most likely have a 1/8 chance of catching an STD or a baby that night from unprotected sex.



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