Halloween Decorations: Glowing Ghosts


Nothing goes better with Halloween than ghosts. What’s scarier than ghosts, glow in the dark ghosts! In addition to being great decorations, these glowing ghosts are fun and easy to make.

-plastic milk jugs or juice bottles (or something similar), make sure that these are different sizes to add variety
-laundry starch
-aluminum foil
-paper towels
-white gauze or cheesecloth
-glow in the dark paint
-ruler (optional)

1. Take little pieces of aluminum foil and crumple them up so that they are shaped like little balls. These will be to shape the heads of the ghosts.

  1. Put the balls of aluminum oil on the top of the milk jugs or juice bottles, or whatever you have chosen. Make sure that the aluminum balls are big enough so that they do not fall into the openings of the milk jugs or juice bottles.
  2. Set that aside and move on to the gauze or cheesecloth. Take whatever material you have chosen for your ghosts and cut it into squares, size depends on how big you want them to be. 18 inches is a good size, each ghost will get one square.
  3. Set those aside once they have been cut. Next take the glow in the dark paint and put a little bit in with the laundry starch. Mix them together in a bowl, this is what will make the ghosts glow in the dark and give them a spooky effect.
  4. Take the squares of gauze or cheesecloth that you cut and dip them into the bowl that is holding the laundry starch, do not dip them all in at once, it will work much better if you do it one by one. When you take them out out of the bowl, squeeze them to get the excess starch out of them. Squeeze more than once so that the gauze or cheesecloth does not drip.
  5. Take the starch soaked squares and drape them over the milk jugs or juice bottles. To make the head and shoulders of the ghosts, you will need more aluminum foil. Crumple the aluminum, lift up the gauze or cheesecloth, and loosely pile it up next to the milk jugs or juice bottles, and drape the gauze or cheesecloth over them.
  6. Flare out the bottom of the gauze or cheesecloth, this is optional but it just adds a little extra to the ghost.
  7. Let the ghosts dry. Make sure that they are somewhere where they will not be disturbed and leave them overnight.
  8. The next day, remove the ghost from the milk jugs or juice bottles. Do this very carefully so that you do not alter the shape of the ghost. They should be able to stand straight up on their own. Put them throughout your house, alone or as a group, and enjoy your very unique and spooky Halloween decorations.

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