Halloween Decorations: How to Make Pumpkin Bottles

Pumpkins are tradition for Halloween. Almost every one who celebrates Halloween has some kind of pumpkin as a decoration. Pumpkin bottles are a more unique way of decorating with your house with some traditional Halloween symbols. Pumpkin bottles are 2 (or 3) Liter bottles that are decorated to look like pumpkins.

– empty 2 (or 3) Liter bottles, you can make as many as you want
-orange acrylic paint
-black acrylic paint
-white acrylic paint
-sand or kitty litter
-hot glue gun
-chenille stems (how many you need depends on how many bottles you are planning on making, but you need 4-6 for each bottle)
-silk leaves (the number of these also depends on how many bottle you are planning on making, you need 3-4 for each bottle)
-acrylic sealer spray

1. If the bottle is not empty already, empty it. Make sure that you wash out the inside of the bottle and dry it completely before doing anything else.

2. Take the sand or kitty litter and put some inside the bottle to make sure that the bottle does not tip while you are painting, or when you put it up for decoration. If you want to hold the bottle while you are painting it, you do not have to do this right now. You can put the sand or kitty litter in at the end of the project.

3. Take the orange acrylic paint and paint the entire bottle. You may need two coats, depending on how well the paint spreads. If you can see brush strokes when the paint is dry, or if you can still see parts of the bottle when the paint is dry, paint another coat. Make sure that the first coat is dry before you start on another. Also make sure that the paint is completely dry before moving on to the next step.

4. Next paint the face of the pumpkin using the black and white acrylic paint. You can make any face that you choose, if you are in need of some inspiration, the Internet is full of patterns for pumpkins, so look some up. If the orange paint is not dry, painting over it will mix the paints together and not give you the color you want.

5. Next take the chenille straws and hot glue them onto the top of the bottle, where the lid usually goes. If you choose to keep the lid on, you will have to put the kitty little or sand in before this step because you will not be able to put it back on if you hot glue the chenille straws on. When the glue is dry, bend the chenille straws so that they make a corkscrew, the best way to do this is to take a pencil and wrap the straws around it.

6. After you have put the chenille straws where you want them and in the shape that you want, glue the leaves to the ends of the straws.

7. Spray the acrylic sealer spray on the bottle and you’re ready to go. Put your pumpkin bottles anywhere you want, they are great for the outdoors and indoors.

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