Halloween Decorations on a Budget

It is exciting to decorate for Halloween, but it can run into a lot of money. You can use items from around your home to make great, scary items. This will make your Halloween scary, and exciting. It will also be a lot cheaper, for those of us on a budget.

Scary Ghosts:

Scary ghosts can be easy. Get an old white sheet. Most of us have them around. If you do not, go to your local dollar store, or retailer, and buy the cheapest white sheets you can find. Stuff the sheet with an old pillow, or newspaper. Tie a rope, or thick string around its neck. Make sure you have a large head. Now you just hang it in a tree.

Tombstones and caskets:

These are easy to make. Use old cardboard you have around your home, or check a few grocers to see it they have any you can have. Use a sharp blade to cut shapes. Paint them black, and use white shoe polish to decorate. You can make sunny sayings, or any other decorations you choose.

Orange or black affect:

If you want to have a orange or black glowing affect, it is easy. Get spray paint and paint your light bulb. Be sure it is completely dry before turning it on. You should also be careful not to get the paint on the metal parts. You will then turn it on, and it will glow the color you painted. I would not leave the light on more than an hour or so at a time.

Spider webs:

Buy a small roll of black yarn. You can use this to drape an area. I tie sections to give it a web appeal. You can then buy cheap plastic spiders to hang from the web. I like to tie the string around the spider and hang it in front of a doorway.

Extra people in your yard:

Get old clothing and stuff it with newspaper. I use plastic jack-o-lanterns for there heads. You can paint them different color, for different effects. I have also used a paper bag stuffed and coated with ketchup. Place it in there laps. It makes it appear that there heads are in the bag.

Dead flowers:

Dead flowers are easy. Buy yourself flowers a couple of weeks before Halloween. They will be dead by the time you want to put them out. You can then paint them black, and put in an old vase. It is also fun to put them into a large glass vase, and use red food coloring to give the water a blood effect.


You can use different methods to make blood. You may use food coloring in water. Use ketchup outside. It is easy to clean up after. Red lipstick is great too.

These are just a few things that can be made at home. Decorating can be fun, and inexpensive. Be creative and get your children involved. You do not have to spend a fortune. Use items around your home, and put them together for a scary Halloween.

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