Halloween Dinner Party Invitation Ideas

Everyone loves a good Halloween dinner party, and the best part of any party is the invitation you get from the host. It is what gets you excited about the party and the events that will occur that night. A great invitation can make or break people to RSVP to your party and lets face it, when you have a party you want all the invites you sent out to get a “yes” response. Below are a few of my ideas I have for a great Halloween dinner party invitation! Have fun with them!

Halloween Dinner Party Invitation 1:
Mini Pumpkins

If you are not mailing out your invitations, but hand delivering them, this idea is a great one and the simplest one out there to boot. All you will need is those little mini pumpkins, usually for sale at any farmers market, or Wal-Mart. Paint a face on each pumpkin in the way you wish for them to be presented.

Next use green construction paper and cut out leaves about 2 inches long and no more then 2 inches wide. On the green leaf place all the need to know information from where the party is at to when the party will be. Do not forget to get the RSVP on there so people know where to call you at. Attach the leaf to the pumpkin handle with a piece of green or brown thread by punching a hole in the top of the leaf with a hole puncher.

Halloween Dinner Party Invitation 2:

In this day and age where free is better and going green never sounded so good, e-invites are the thing to do when planning a party that you will need to send out invitations.

Click on www.sendomatic.com are the features this sites comes along with like, picture or logo upload in case you don’t like their premade templates, items to bring sections, email reminders, voice and text reminders.

Halloween Dinner Party Invitation 3:
Candy Corn Invitation

I love this invitation because it allows you to use your crafty side. First thing you will need to do is get a black piece of construction paper and cut it in the shape of a piece of candy corn. Next get white, orange, and yellow felt fabric. Cut the 3 pieces of fabric to line the black piece of candy corn. For example. The bottom of the candy corn, cut the yellow felt no more then an inch wide and place it on the bottom of the candy corn by super gluing one side of the fabric to the black construction paper. Continue with the orange felt fabric next and the white fabric at the point of the candy corn. With each fabric only glue the edge of the fabric to the edge of the candy corn cut out.

Now, under the fabric on the black construction paper take a glow in the dark marker, found at either Wal-Mart or any local hobby shop, and write in all the details of the dinner event. When the recipient receives the candy corn invitation he or she will have to pull back the pieces of fabric, turn off the lights to reveal the invitation instructions!


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